Make Wikipedia more relevant for languages


  • Google search data for countries
  • Hits and misses in article names in Wikipedias for languages spoken in those countries
  • Localisation on the languages


  • score per language (75% on hits, 25% on localisation)


  • stats
  • translators (from localised user interface comes usability and from that more time spent, which will *my assumption* to more active participants.
  • country data from Google/someone to get that on a monthly basis
  • translation of search topic in other languages to the target languages
  • someone to manage this (language enthousiasts from the Wikimedia community?)
  • users to create stub articles - with interwiki!!! - in the relevant Wikipedias as soon as possible. Articles are found and read, from readership comes participation.

This thing has a lot of potential, I think. It will get content created where it matters.

Wikimedia specific focus on 50 largest languages

Measure how?

  • score 100%
  • 40% most used
  • 30% MediaWiki core
  • 30% Wikimedia extensions

Goal? Wow. Hard one. I currently expect to be at 60% overall for the top 50. I'd like to get that number up 15% points (to so 75% if it's really 60% now). Need to make stats; preferably updatable automagically.

Other targets

  • Crowd source: get more developers commit to Translate and MediaWiki i18n
  • Crowd source: get open bugzilla issues down to below 18 (incl. i18n tags on extensions) (now 31)
  • Crowd source: get more active staff working on Support. Preferably also at least one developer of the larger projects (currently OSM)
  • get a 'commit preparation' tool with automated export, ready to download, check and commit
  • get more products. Say 50k translatable messages
  • get more translators - more products, more exposure == more translators. Get ambassadors like Avar and Gerard. Those are invaluable. Encourage them to regularly advertise the availability of the platform.
  • get those more translators to spend more time
  • *ask* developers and translators what they need to develop/translate. Cannot offer money - there isn't any. Can offer support, kudos, fill feature requests that will translator's lives easier/make them more productive
  • communicate: keep on twittering, sitenotice, news page

How much time does all this cost? Not going to make that in a day, but hey, I was spending more time on that already anyway :).