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FUEL (homepage) is an open source effort that aims to solve inconsistency and lack of standardization in software translation across platforms and applications. FUEL works to create linguistic and technical resources, like standardized terminology resources, computer translation style and convention guides, and assessment methodologies. The effort of FUEL is unique. It is a set of steps any content generating organization or a team involved in creating localized content can undertake and adopt to ensure consistently highly quality. The uniqueness of the idea behind FUEL lies in the idea of collaborative innovation. The FUEL approach of creating linguistic resources is not any different from any software development. FUEL is of modular nature and concentrates on base registers. This feature makes FUEL citizen-centric and so FUEL has great potential to be an ideal solution even for e-Governance work.

Initiated by Red Hat, FUEL has grown into a larger effort. Resources created by FUEL are now used by several language communities, organizations, companies, tools, and pieces of software. FUEL is cited as a reference standard in Best Practices for Localization of e-Gov Applications in India.

See also mw:Pune LanguageSummit February 2013/Event Report#Translation Tools, & FUEL Sprint.


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