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Should we get rid of Liquid Threads?

I don't know why has been using the Liquid Threads system in the first place. I assume it was intended to experience and test this "new" system.

However, nowadays this discussion system is barely maintained, because the new "Flow" system took its place.

Due to the lack of maintenance, we're now experiencing a very critical bug. It is very difficult to create new threads, and AFAIK it is not possible at all to reply in an existing thread.

In addition, the Liquid Threads system does not support RTL languages such as Hebrew and Arabic: I.e., every time somebody wants to write in an RTL language, they need to manually add <div class="mw-content-rtl"> at the beginning of the message; otherwise it's aligned to left, making it very difficult to read.

Apart from the issues written above, there are many more annoying problems with this old discussion system. For example, the "You have a new message" notice keeps appearing even after reading the message. You have to manually mark it as read on Special:NewMessages to get rid of the notice.

Therefore, I think we need to get rid of the obsolete "Liquid Threads" system, and replace it with the new "Flow" system (or use regular talk pages).

Please let me know what you think.
Guycn2 · 11:47, 29 August 2016

Switch to Flow or to regular wikitext discussions

LQT does not support mention notifications, so even if user is explicitely mentioned in thread, s/he doesn't get any notification about that. Which makes it quite hard to join conversations relevant to the user - basically unless the user is explicitely notified by someone involved in the discussion that his/her input is welcome/expected or having such talk page on watchlist, s/he never knows about that. Which may easily result in missing important conversation.

People are used to the fact that if they mention someone, such person is notified. It is not true in LQT but not so many people are aware of that.

Please switch to Flow or regular wikitext discussions, which provide this feature. (Or hack the LQT to do that too...)


Danny B.23:33, 20 August 2016

Support! As with LQT I usually got stuck when commenting now.

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)09:40, 29 August 2016

How should I do if I want to internationalize my tool using

I have a small tool and trying to use to internationalize the messages. How should I do?

Kanashimi (talk)09:30, 26 August 2016

Where's the repository of your tool?

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)07:15, 28 August 2016

{{LanguageHeader|ISO 639-3}} request for Sylheti language & keyboard on translatewiki

please intruduce "Sylheti language & keyboard" on translatewiki so we can contribute in our mother tongue. many people face problem to translate in this language lack of sylheti keyboard. so install our keyboard & language layout in this project.

এম আবু সাঈদ (talk)07:08, 7 April 2016

New input methods can be requested for jquery.ime at GitHub: we do not develop input methods here:

Nike (talk)09:19, 25 August 2016

CirrusSearch insource: not working

I tried to search for insource:Project:Copyright, and got the following error:

[10055add3fc7981b9afb68ee] /w/i.php?search=insource%3A%22Project%3ACopyrights%22&title=Special%3ASearch&fulltext=1 RuntimeException from line 398 of /srv/mediawiki/tags/2016-08-23_08:15:51/extensions/CirrusSearch/includes/Search/ResultsType.php: regex is only supported with $wgCirrusSearchUseExperimentalHighlighter = true
#0 /srv/mediawiki/tags/2016-08-23_08:15:51/extensions/CirrusSearch/includes/Search/SearchContext.php(430): CirrusSearch\Search\FullTextResultsType->getHighlightingConfiguration(array)
#1 /srv/mediawiki/tags/2016-08-23_08:15:51/extensions/CirrusSearch/includes/Searcher.php(576): CirrusSearch\Search\SearchContext->getHighlight(CirrusSearch\Search\FullTextResultsType)
#2 /srv/mediawiki/tags/2016-08-23_08:15:51/extensions/CirrusSearch/includes/Searcher.php(352): CirrusSearch\Searcher->search(string)
#3 /srv/mediawiki/tags/2016-08-23_08:15:51/extensions/CirrusSearch/includes/CirrusSearch.php(406): CirrusSearch\Searcher->searchText(string, boolean)
#4 /srv/mediawiki/tags/2016-08-23_08:15:51/extensions/CirrusSearch/includes/CirrusSearch.php(150): CirrusSearch->searchTextReal(string, NULL)
#5 /srv/mediawiki/tags/2016-08-23_08:15:51/includes/specials/SpecialSearch.php(298): CirrusSearch->searchText(string)
#6 /srv/mediawiki/tags/2016-08-23_08:15:51/includes/specials/SpecialSearch.php(150): SpecialSearch->showResults(string)
#7 /srv/mediawiki/tags/2016-08-23_08:15:51/includes/specialpage/SpecialPage.php(522): SpecialSearch->execute(NULL)
#8 /srv/mediawiki/tags/2016-08-23_08:15:51/includes/specialpage/SpecialPageFactory.php(583): SpecialPage->run(NULL)
#9 /srv/mediawiki/tags/2016-08-23_08:15:51/includes/MediaWiki.php(283): SpecialPageFactory::executePath(Title, RequestContext)
#10 /srv/mediawiki/tags/2016-08-23_08:15:51/includes/MediaWiki.php(749): MediaWiki->performRequest()
#11 /srv/mediawiki/tags/2016-08-23_08:15:51/includes/MediaWiki.php(521): MediaWiki->main()
#12 /srv/mediawiki/tags/2016-08-23_08:15:51/index.php(43): MediaWiki->run()
#13 {main}

The problems are:

  1. The error message isn’t right (it tells regex isn’t supported, altough I searched for a simple text in the source code (I don’t know wheter the error message is right that you should enable $wgCirrusSearchUseExperimentalHighlighter for normal insource search).
  2. Why have I got this whole error message? (I.e. in Wikimedia wikis I get a nice error page, and the details, including file paths, are hidden from the Internet.)
  3. And last, but not least: why doesn’t this work?
Tacsipacsi (talk)17:07, 24 August 2016

Add feature to show units with no reviews by any user

Right now "Unreviewed" tab gives me translation units that are not reviewed by me. Assume, I trust other translators to my language and don't want to review a message for the second (or seventh) time. Can I see the list of units that have no reviews at all? If not, can this feature be added?

Ата (talk)09:56, 21 August 2016

This is a feature request that can be tracked in Phabricator. Would you like to file it?

Nike (talk)14:01, 22 August 2016

No description for that project? At least who is the maintainer? Where's the repository? And does Plural supported or not?

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)23:38, 23 August 2016

Former WMF app now community-maintained, where to crowdsource localization?

Wikimedia Commons' Android app used to be maintained by the WMF, and localization was done here at (as can be seen here).

The WMF abandoned the Commons app in 2014 and I am now maintaining it (I am only a normal Commons user). I would like to allow users to improve the localizations, as they have not been updated since 2014.

QUESTION: Should I create the localization project on a third-party tool like Crowdin? Or can I somehow "resurrect" the app's localization project here, even though the app is now community-maintained rather than an official WMF app?


Nicolas Raoul (talk)08:38, 16 February 2016

If the repository is active, the project can certainly be re-enabled here. These days are quite busy, you may want to send a patch against the "translatewiki" repository in gerrit yourself.

Nemo (talk)09:10, 16 February 2016

It doesn't matter whether the app is community maintained or not. What is important that the translations end up in front of the users, i.e. for mobile apps there needs to be regular releases.

Nike (talk)09:13, 16 February 2016

Nicolas Raoul, I see there are plans for frequent releases. Can you add @Nikerabbit and @Siebrand to the committers so that they can merge l10n updates?

Nemo (talk)08:30, 18 June 2016

I added both @Nikerabbit and @Siebrand as Github collaborators, waiting for the commits, thanks :-)

I want to publish the translatewiki URL to our users, but where does the localization actually happen? A search does not show any active Commons Android project here.

Nicolas Raoul (talk)06:19, 19 June 2016

Ok. [1] finds Translating:WLMMobile (not active yet), then there is Translating:WikimediaMobile for the "official" apps.

Nemo (talk)07:23, 19 June 2016

WLMMobile is a completely different app, with a different purpose (see wireframes), untouched since 2014, and we don't have strings in common.

Could you please create a new project called "Commons Android app" as a sub-project of "Wikimedia Mobile Apps"? I have read and we seem to fit :-) Thanks a lot!

Nicolas Raoul (talk)03:11, 20 June 2016

It would help if you created the project page.

Nemo (talk)05:25, 20 June 2016

So the canonical repository now? Nikerabbit and Siebrand will need commit access?

When is the first release planned?

Nike (talk)13:02, 23 June 2016

Yes, is the canonical repository. @siebrand is already a committer. I have invited @yuvipanda and @Nikerabbit for committer access and I am waiting for them to accept the invitation. The app has been released already: I have signed a contract with WMF allowing me to use the official "Wikimedia Commons" brand name and logo.

Nicolas Raoul (talk)04:41, 24 June 2016

Are you waiting for any action on our side? We did everything you asked for, what is blocking? More and more users are asking us where to localize the app, and it is a shame that we have no URL to give them. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon, cheers!

Nicolas Raoul (talk)14:06, 7 August 2016

I have been busy. I'll try to re-check the status of this soon to get this sorted out.

Nike (talk)14:01, 22 August 2016

Backend changes to registration and login system

I will be testing backend changes to user registration and login system. There should not be any noticeable change, and I have tested this on a development environment.

There will be some changes in log entries and InviteSignup extension will be broken for a while.

The beginning of this test is Monday August 1st morning (European time).

If you spot any other issue, please let me know here or email nike at translatewiki dot net in case you are unable to register or log in.

Nike (talk)14:45, 28 July 2016

Can also reach us at our IRC channel #mediawiki-i18n @ Freenode.

Nike (talk)10:33, 2 August 2016

I haven't received any complaints in a week, no errors in the logs, and new users are getting approved. I am removing the special notice I had put in place last Monday.

Nike (talk)13:09, 8 August 2016

It is no longer possible to send reminder emails in the translator sandbox because no email address was transmitted.

\m/etalhead 16:36, 17 August 2016

Problems on WikiManchu

Problem 1

There are various writing systems that can write out Manchu language, but only Möllendorff Latin transcription is used currently on Wiki-Incubator of Manchu (Wp/mnc). I hope a conversion system can be made among those writing systems on every page of Manchu wiki.

(Most commonly used writing systems of Manchu include: traditional Manchu script, Möllendorff Latin transcription, pseudo-Möllendorff Latin transcription...)

Problem 2

Letters of Manchu script in Unicode cannot be shown. It seems a unique font is necessary. A sample page of Manchu script is this. They are only squares or blank at the moment.

Obonggi (talk)04:23, 21 August 2016

Admin: This issue has already been solved. Thank you for your help!

Obonggi (talk)11:04, 22 August 2016

I would say that the header of that user has a sentense which made me angry: "Wikipedia is one of the most prominent users of TWN MediaWiki translations, and therefore a good indication of user habit/consensus."

Didn't that user read our Special:MyLanguage/Project:About? Doesn't they know that TWN is never a part of Wikimedia Foundation projects?

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)08:01, 17 August 2016

español nicaragüense

Could we get español nicaragüense enabled here? It's a very different dialect from español españa or español mexicano, which are probably the dialects being used here.

  • lang code: es-ni
  • Localized names:
    • English: Either "Nicaraguan Spanish" or "Spanish (Nicaragua)"
    • Native: Either "español nicaragüense" or "español (Nicaragua)"
We use "español (Nicaragua)" on my mainstay wiki, but it depends on what the standard is here.
  • left to right, like the Spanish we have here right now
  • It should fall back to es, or if available and possible, Uruguayan Spanish, or other Central American dialects that exist.

I'm willing to translate messages to this language.

TheSatanicSanta (talk)19:02, 31 January 2016

Xbony told me to bump this, so I'm bumping this.

TheSatanicSanta (talk)01:28, 6 March 2016

At the moment there is only one variant of Spanish. doesn't seem to explain the difference very well or whether there is a standard orthography for this dialect. Can you clarify?

Nike (talk)12:08, 22 June 2016

The main difference is the use of voseo rather than tuteo (you can read about both on Wikipedia if you are unfamiliar with these verb forms). We also don't really use the word tú ever. You can read more about Nicaraguan Spanish at wikipedia

TheSatanicSanta (talk)02:52, 16 August 2016

Errors when importign/exporting a po file

I was trying to translate into gd here:

And instead of a list of strings, I get an error message:

"Auto-locks the wiki database if the sysops are all inactive for some time"

I don't even know wha a sysop is - please fix it for us?

I will be offline for a few weeks, but you can contact User:Akerbeltz if you have any questions.


GunChleoc (talk)09:29, 11 August 2016

Were you really trying to export a PO file? If so, the place is now Special:ExportTranslations (maybe the redirects should be handled). If you only want to translate MediaWiki core, go to Special:Translate/core.

Nemo (talk)09:37, 11 August 2016

Yes. I sometimes get confused with the different entry links - I sometimes translate online and sometimes offline.

GunChleoc (talk)09:39, 11 August 2016

The online translation is working, but my last offline edit that I uploaded about 2 months ago (multiple tries) is still not there.

GunChleoc (talk)09:40, 11 August 2016

There must be something wrong with the upload mechanism. I used to upload the file GunChleoc was working on (I didn't get any message about inactive sysops) and it tells me that

Imported: MediaWiki:Zip-unsupported/gd
Imported: MediaWiki:Emailuserfooter/gd
Imported: MediaWiki:Reverted/gd
Imported: MediaWiki:Rcpatroldisabled/gd
Imported: MediaWiki:Rcpatroldisabledtext/gd
Imported: MediaWiki:Confirmemail text/gd
Imported: MediaWiki:Confirmemail oncreate/gd
Imported: MediaWiki:Confirmemail body/gd
Imported: MediaWiki:Confirmemail body changed/gd
Imported: MediaWiki:Confirmemail body set/gd
Import complete!

but when I spot check the translations (for example for the translation of Bot passwords are disabled), they're not there.

Akerbeltz (talk)10:05, 11 August 2016

How long ago did you download the po file that you worked on? It's suggested that you download a file, work on it and reupload it in few days, to avoid conflicts and other problems.

Nemo (talk)14:04, 11 August 2016

Gender neutralize MediaWiki:Wikilove-anon-warning/en like all other strings

MediaWiki:Wikilove-anon-warning/en is the only sentence that uses the pronoun "he or she", while all other sentences use singular they ({{Template:Doc-singularthey}}) or rephrase the sentence. I propose to change the sentence to Note: This user is not registered and because of that may not notice this message. or something similar which avoids the pronoun.

Messages MediaWiki:Right-applychangetags & MediaWiki:Right-changetags on Special:BotPasswords

Problem marked in red, same situation in english to

Milićević (talk)12:14, 20 July 2016

Already reported in Phab:T132482

Raymond06:57, 4 August 2016

"Founding father recruitment ages" What is the meaning of "recruitment ages"? I suppose it means that certain founding father is available for recruitment only during certain period of time. Is it correct?

SergeyButkov (talk)18:18, 3 August 2016

Your guess sounds plausible. I do wonder why is it not called "years" instead of "ages" then.

Nike (talk)05:52, 4 August 2016

Renaming request

Hi all, I would like my account as to be renamed. I would like to use my real name ("Martin Urbanec") as my username. By looking into Special:UserGroupRights I can see only members of staff group can do this. So could you do it for me? Or should I place this request to another place? Thanks in advance.

Urbanecm (talk)14:34, 1 August 2016

How to get the system messages of my wiki up-to-date?

Hello. Yesterday I created a new wiki, which uses MediaWiki 1.27.0 (latest version).

Some of the system messages of my wiki are outdated. It seems like they don't include changes made on translatewiki after the development of version 1.27.

Is there any way I can import changes from translatewiki to my own wiki?

Guycn2 · 23:48, 12 July 2016

Haven't your wiki installed the LocalisationUpdate extension?

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)22:36, 22 July 2016

It does appear on Special:Version, but yet system messages are not being updated automatically.

Guycn2 · 00:19, 23 July 2016

You need to run the script manually or setup a CRON job or equivalent for it to have any effect.

There has been plans to create LUv2 that "just works" out of the box but nothing concrete yet.

One things we have regressed is that we used to do localisation backports to stable MediaWiki releases before each release, but we have not done it recently. Some better tooling to automate this would be helpful.

Nike (talk)14:30, 28 July 2016

How to run the script manually?

Guycn2 · 19:40, 28 July 2016

Support for lad-hebr on Ladino Wikipedia

Hi. On behalf of the current Administrators at Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) Wikipedia, we would like to ask a few questions about how explicit support for lad-hebr might work on our project. We don't see being able to ramp up full support for it just yet, and we are certainly not going to be asking to create a separate project for it. However, we have 48 main-space pages (including one variant of our home page), plus a handful of templates and categories, in Hebrew script. We're wondering if some limited support might be available, and perhaps if we can even test fuller support on one or two pages. Here are some preliminary questions:

  • If we currently enter a very small group of translations into the system here, will they work if we call them explicitly? Example: date translations (day of week, conventional month, Hebrew month). Right now, MediaWiki:Monday/lad shows the value "Lunes". The proper value for MediaWiki:Monday/lad-hebr (or whatever that would be named) would be לוניס. Currently, if I call {{#time:l}}, I will get "Lunes". As things are currently configured, if I entered "לוניס" in the right place here on translatewiki, then called {{#time:l||lad-hebr}}, could I get it to return "לוניס"?
  • Similarly, we wondered if we could try to assign the language code "lad-hebr" to the Hebrew-script version of our home page, לה פרימירה אוזֿה, or at least to a copy of it. We would then start with the fallback cascade of lad-hebr>lad>es>en. Slowly, as we added translations to lad-hebr, we could get that page to work properly as lad-hebr, with rtl rendering not dependent on a div block, and so forth.

Are such things possible, or does a more complete commitment to a relatively full interface translation scheme have to come first? StevenJ81 (talk) 18:50, 7 September 2015 (UTC)

And by the way: Why doesn`t Special:SupportedLanguages show Ladino?
StevenJ81 (talk)18:50, 7 September 2015

I'm just curious that why we can't have a Latin-Hebrew converter for Ladino.

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)02:44, 20 July 2016

It's possible, but not easy. There are several orthographies for Ladino in Latin script, and any converter would have to be able to detect which orthography is being used. (Alternatively, I suppose, any page in lad-latn would have to identify its orthographic system.)

The opposite is much more difficult. The mapping from any given Latin orthography to Hebrew is essentially one-to-one, with the caveat that initial vowels need special handling, and so do certain final consonants. But the mapping from Hebrew orthography even to a single, preferred Latin orthography is not. For example, the same Hebrew-script vowel is used for both i and e, and a different Hebrew-script vowel is used for both o and u.

StevenJ81 (talk)15:57, 29 July 2016

Project:Rally-2015-05 - Where are our money!?

Hi, I've taken apart to translation rally (as usual) but today, 30 June 2016 I have no receive any money.

In passed months I've received some mails from other users, with the same request. I've always replied "Don't worry, in the past I've no trouble about payments, it will arrive", but today my hope fade away.

This is very strange because in the other rallies, the prize has always arrived, may be with after some months, but now has passed more than one year. Please tell us when we can receive our prize.

Thanks in advance

Joe Taras (talk)08:42, 30 June 2016

Hi, please, if possible, send us a feedback but not from Siebrand, because I've contacted Siebrand by email and I've no response. Maybe is very busy to analyze this question.

Joe Taras (talk)10:34, 22 July 2016

I did ping Siebrand too. He is the only person who can address this. He is aware but just needs to find the time to do it. I'm sorry I cannot do more.

Nike (talk)14:31, 28 July 2016
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