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Adding Extension:MultiBoilerplate back220:18, 24 April 2017
Add support for Western Armenian (hyw)422:55, 14 April 2017
Where is my language?312:41, 14 April 2017
Request 4 languages of Indigenous Taiwanese908:49, 14 April 2017
New project: ProveIt gadget209:17, 17 April 2017
Rename011:36, 12 April 2017
add Rangi (lag)406:30, 11 April 2017
New translation for pjt416:17, 10 April 2017
Change the language interface for Atikamekw108:18, 10 April 2017
"An error has occurred while searching: We could not complete your search due to a temporary problem. Please try again later."108:16, 10 April 2017
Add new language to translate608:07, 10 April 2017
Unable to review translation111:15, 10 April 2017
Problem with some translations?704:32, 18 April 2017
babelwiki.babelzilla.org213:16, 4 April 2017
Changing username413:48, 2 April 2017
typing mistake in MediaWiki:Pickle-adapt-catched-exception/en103:46, 25 March 2017
Most used messages have all been translated into Kabiye1611:10, 21 March 2017
Does this website supports Edge browser?107:57, 21 March 2017
Renaming keys223:30, 23 February 2017
About Blockly:PROCEDURES CALLRETURN HELPURL/en008:00, 23 February 2017
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Adding Extension:MultiBoilerplate back

It appears that MultiBoilerplate dropped out of translatewiki years ago, and I haven't even noticed.I'd like to add it back - I've submitted a change here:

Is that all that is required? The example I found was for outside projects, not MediaWiki extensions, so I took a guess.


Dror S. (FFS) (talk)20:31, 23 April 2017

If you add Raymond to reviewers, he will tell you what's needed (probably message documentation or other fixes). Please check that you follow the best practices at mw:Localisation if you didn't already.

Nemo (talk)07:21, 24 April 2017

Thanks for adding Raymond! This is now done :-)

Dror S. (FFS) (talk)20:14, 24 April 2017

Add support for Western Armenian (hyw)

Edited by author.
Last edit: 22:55, 14 April 2017

As per langcom discussion on WMCON, the code hyw will be requested for w:Western_Armenian and we are sure it will be approved, but only at the earliest in December. But the users would already like to translate into it. Pinging user:Raymond.

MF-Warburg13:39, 2 April 2017

The usual information is needed: languages.

Nemo (talk)13:47, 2 April 2017

Note that on Wikidata: d:User:Nikki/Permanent duplicates#Armenian, where "hy-arevela" used for Eastern and "hy-arevmda" for Western, because of :

Type: variant
Subtag: arevela
Description: Eastern Armenian
Added: 2006-09-18
Prefix: hy
Type: variant
Subtag: arevmda
Description: Western Armenian
Added: 2006-09-18
Prefix: hy
Liuxinyu970226 (talk)14:06, 2 April 2017

Thank you, we are well aware of this subtag which was introduced as an expedient with the knowledge that a formal language code would be required.

MF-Warburg23:38, 2 April 2017

All right,

  • A language code from ISO 639-3 or the Ethnologue website (for example 'de') - hyw [proposed]
  • The language name in English and in its own language (for example 'German – Deutsch (de)') - Western Armenian - արեւմտահայերէն
  • Is the language RTL or LTR (written from right to left or left to right) - LTR
  • If the language is commonly written in more than one script, please say in which script the language should be enabled. Other variants can be enabled as and when translators for those variants volunteer. - Armn only
  • (For MediaWiki) Should the language fall back to another language other than English? If so which? - Fallback should be to hy.
MF-Warburg23:36, 2 April 2017

Where is my language?

In some projects (e.g, I can not find languages.Please add a description of how to change the language to project pages to make sure that our translations here are already useful (Applied).Thank you

ديفيد (talk)09:27, 7 December 2016

On, the language selector is on the TOP RIGHT.

Siebrand14:28, 7 December 2016

I do not find my language.There are sites The majority of their messages translated in which I can not find my language also.Please describe how to find a language in all project pages

ديفيد (talk)14:36, 7 December 2016
  1. @ديفيد: First of all, as you saw in Translating:Europeana: "At, it's possible to translate Europeana 1914-1918, a website with stories, films and historical material about World War I." It's different from the Europeana portal site;
  2. Second, the Europeana 1914-1918 currently provides only pan-europa "lingua franca"s, @Michelle.vanduijn, Dan-nl, and Rwd: What should we do with non-European languages?
  3. Third, if you really want to know where your translations are saved, those are located at this repository of GitHub, and you can Ctrl+F your language code here;
  4. Finally, since you're an Arabic speaker, told me that ar completion is 26%, which however you should try to raise that to at least 60% (de facto pt-br completion!)
Liuxinyu970226 (talk)12:41, 14 April 2017

Request 4 languages of Indigenous Taiwanese

Edited by another user.
Last edit: 10:09, 4 July 2016

Hello, I'm Reke, secretary of Wikimedia Taiwan. We have a project cooperate with National Cheng-Chi University (NCCU), to incubate some Wikipedia for languages of Indigenous Taiwanese. The page on incubator says that we need to localize into our language.

Indigenous Taiwanese have 16 peoples, 15 languages. Not every people have enough users to incubate their own Wikipedia. After discussing with Professor Huang Chi-ping, the project manager of NCCU, she says there are 4 languages we can localize first, because volunteers in these languages are more than the others.

They areː

  • Atayal - isoːtay
  • Amis - isoːami
  • Saisiyat - isoːxsy
  • Taroko - isoːtrv

Please help us. Thank you.

Reke (talk)08:31, 4 July 2016
Edited by author.
Last edit: 13:26, 6 July 2016

So I created 4 portals for em (assume they are all using Latin script as per their test wikis, and a 3-letter yap: LTR), but could you please provide autonyms, and how about fallback?

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)10:21, 4 July 2016
Edited by another user.
Last edit: 09:35, 7 July 2016

Thanks for reply.

  1. Yes you are right, all these 4 languages are using Latin script.
  2. But sorry, I can't understand what you ask me to do. What does "autonyms" mean?
Reke (talk)05:17, 6 July 2016

Hello, could you elaborate on what are autonums and fallback? It will be great if you can tell us the Chinese translation of autonums and fallback. Thank you.

Shangkuanlc (talk)05:18, 6 July 2016
Edited by author.
Last edit: 13:26, 6 July 2016
Liuxinyu970226 (talk)12:06, 6 July 2016

Got it.

Their autonums are all same as English name, as the beginning post. Only one word need to revise. "SaiSiyat", the fourth letter should be capital.

And zh-hant as fallback is better than en, I think.

Reke (talk)13:04, 6 July 2016

Sorry for my typo: autonym

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)13:27, 6 July 2016

So I may make a list of languages that you're requesting to enable (plus ais), according to Translatewiki.net_languages, reke:

  1. Language code: ais;
  2. Language names: Sakizaya – Sakizaya;
  3. Directionality: LTR;
  4. Script: Latin;
  5. Fallback: ais -> zh-hant -> en.
  1. Language code: ami;
  2. Language names: Amis – Pangcah;
  3. Directionality: LTR;
  4. Script: Latin;
  5. Fallback: ami -> zh-hant -> en.
  1. Language code: tay;
  2. Language names: Atayal – Tayal;
  3. Directionality: LTR;
  4. Script: Latin;
  5. Fallback: tay -> zh-hant -> en.
  1. Language code: trv;
  2. Language names: Seediq – Taroko;
  3. Directionality: LTR;
  4. Script: Latin;
  5. Fallback: trv -> zh-hant -> en.
  1. Language code: xsy;
  2. Language names: Saisiyat – SaiSiyat;
  3. Directionality: LTR;
  4. Script: Latin;
  5. Fallback: xsy -> zh-hant -> en.

Please clarify if something is wrong above.

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)07:01, 23 December 2016

All are correct. Please set it up.

Reke (talk)08:49, 14 April 2017

New project: ProveIt gadget

Hi! I'm the main developer of a Wikipedia gadget called ProveIt. The gadget is hosted at Gerrit, has its own Phabricator project, has been fully internationalized and localized to several languages. The messages are stored in JSON files, one per language. Some time ago a task was opened at Phabricator to add the gadget to TranslateWiki, but it was forgotten. Now I'd like to complete the task, but I need some help because I've been reading the documentation and I don't quite get it. I'm ready to do whatever is necessary, fast and efficiently, but I need someone more experienced to guide me. Can I get some help? Thanks!

Felipe (talk)15:45, 23 March 2017

It seems this is tracked in Phabricator:T149177, where verification has been done.

Next step is to create a patch as documented in Setup of a new project. Feel free to attempt to create such patch, I will review it. If you can't do it, we will do it at some point. Just let us know.

Nike (talk)08:15, 10 April 2017

Hello, can someone rename me to SimmeD instead?

Simeondahl (talk)12:24, 11 April 2017

add Rangi (lag)

There is a Rangi language project on incubator (, so please add it to the list of supported languages. Thanks.

Baba Tabita (talk)13:38, 2 April 2017

The usual information is needed: languages.

Nemo (talk)13:47, 2 April 2017

Portal:Lag has thankfully been created, and I've added myself as a translator to that portal. Anything else missing?

Baba Tabita (talk)12:53, 5 April 2017

Should we fallback to some languages other than English (e.g. French)?

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)05:35, 6 April 2017

I tried to set first fallback to Swahili (sw) but failed to do so (I'm not very tech-savvy).

Baba Tabita (talk)06:30, 11 April 2017

New translation for pjt

Instead of "This user has a native understanding of Pitjantjatjara." it's "User nyangatja wangkapai Pitjantjatjara". Koavf (d) (en-N/en-US, es-2/es-US, de-1, pt-1) 19:21, 4 March 2017 (UTC)

Koavf (d) (en-N/en-US, es-2/es-US, de-1, pt-1)19:21, 4 March 2017

So do you want to fallback to some other languages, or just translate from English?

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)11:36, 8 March 2017

This is just a translation of the message for pjt-N babel boxes. I don't have any more text in this language, so the rest of it would be untranslated English. That's the best fallback anyway, as pjt is an Australian language.

Koavf (d) (en-N/en-US, es-2/es-US, de-1, pt-1)17:35, 8 March 2017

If I understand correctly, this is a translation for a language that is not currently supported. To have that in Babel, someone needs to create a patch in gerrit to add it manually.

Nike (talk)08:18, 10 April 2017

If you can, that's nice. If you can't, please let me know.

Koavf (d) (en-N/en-US, es-2/es-US, de-1, pt-1)16:17, 10 April 2017

Change the language interface for Atikamekw

Good day, when the Atikamekw translators select "Atikamekw" as their language in the top bar (beside their username to the left), the interface of Translatewiki becomes in English. Is it possible that the fallback language would be French instead of English since the second language that Atikamekw speakers speak is French? Thanks,

Amqui (talk)14:23, 15 March 2017

This has been done in MediaWiki core.

Nike (talk)08:17, 10 April 2017

"An error has occurred while searching: We could not complete your search due to a temporary problem. Please try again later."

I have gotten this error message repeatedly.

Koavf (d) (en-N/en-US, es-2/es-US, de-1, pt-1)17:15, 22 March 2017

We had some issues with search last month that ought to be resoled now after upgrades. Do let us know if you are still seeing this.

Nike (talk)08:16, 10 April 2017

Add new language to translate

Hi! I created Portal:gum and want to add it to the translatable languages.

  • Language code: gum SIL, Ethnologue
  • Language name: Guambiano – Namtrik (gum)
  • Directionality: LTR
  • Fallback: Spanish
Sahaquiel9102 (talk)02:51, 25 February 2017

Hi! I'm still waiting for an answer

Sahaquiel9102 (talk)01:36, 12 March 2017

I submitted a patch:

This needs review and merge.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)18:50, 27 March 2017

It has been merged, but ULS support is missing.

Nike (talk)05:54, 28 March 2017

Hi Nike,

ULS is updated with the new language in Gerrit. Can you please update it here?


Amir E. Aharoni (talk)11:36, 29 March 2017

This has been done.

Nike (talk)08:07, 10 April 2017

Unable to review translation

Do you know why Wikimedia:Wiki-ai-wikilabels-'$1' not completed. Submit anyway?/fi cannot be reviewed ? It belongs to messagegroup wiki-ai. There is other problems with that text too. All translations page says that: ""Wikimedia:Wiki-ai-wikilabels-'$1' not completed. Submit anyway?/fi" is not a translatable message" and in editing interface the right side box contains only text "loading...".

Zache (talk)17:37, 9 April 2017

Problem with some translations?

If you compare MediaWiki:Visualeditor-preference-tabs-prefer-wt/fr with MediaWiki:Mywatchlist/fr (for example), you'll notice that the former displays its related translated strings in English. This problem is particularly evident on the Portal:Fr/MediaWiki page. Looking into the Template:msg-mw code, I see that this is because the int: parser function returns a translated string in one case ({{int:mywatchlist}} : Watchlist) but not in the other ({{int:visualeditor-preference-tabs-prefer-wt}} : ⧼visualeditor-preference-tabs-prefer-wt⧽). What is going on?

Urhixidur (talk)16:49, 30 March 2017

So it seems that our {{int:}} is really mostly broken, it only shows int:visualeditor-..., enclosed in two "⧼...⧽" (sometimes two boxes and sometimes look like "〈〉"), instead of showing contents of messages.

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)05:06, 31 March 2017

See User:Urhixidur/test for a test/demo of the problem.

Urhixidur (talk)13:12, 4 April 2017

It's not broken from a different point of view, as VE is not installed here. For performance reasons, we are treating translations in MediaWiki namespace as if they did not exist, unless there is a local site customisation. Otherwise MessageCache would bring the site down.

Nike (talk)14:03, 4 April 2017

Therefore showing 3 boxes in is also expected? Or which font should I install now in order to render those correctly?

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)14:34, 4 April 2017

I don't know why they are showing to you as boxes, but it is a MediaWiki core change that changed < and > symbols to unicode symbols (e.g. ⧽) to avoid confusing them as html tags. If those appear in the interface, then something is broken, so it should not matter whether they exist in your fonts or not.

Nike (talk)12:52, 6 April 2017

@Nike: Please elaborate. What's VE, what do you mean by "local site customisation", and how can we fix the msg-mw template to work around the issue?

Urhixidur (talk)12:47, 6 April 2017

VE is visual editor and local site customisations means that a page without a language code exists in the MediaWiki namespace, e.g. MediaWiki:Sidebar.

Nike (talk)12:53, 6 April 2017

Anyone know what's up with, our sister translation web site? One now gets a login prompt but my own login credentials fail.

Urhixidur (talk)16:19, 29 March 2017

I had forgotten about this wiki: it didn't use Translate, did it? has no information about it since May/June 2016, when did you last see it functioning?

If you are in contact with the translators and extension developers who used this website, please tell them that they could host their translations here on (though probably a patch would be needed to support the l10nj format).

Nemo (talk)16:46, 30 March 2017 is still working fine, the problem seems to be that is just gone?

Urhixidur (talk)13:16, 4 April 2017

Changing username

  • idh0854 → garam

Hello. I want to change my user name. Because I am known as garam in Korean language, in some mediawiki project. And I don't want my current username no more. Thanks.

Idh0854 (talk)18:22, 21 March 2017

Do you mean some MediaWiki non-Wikimedia wiki? Because I only see a German user named "Garam" at m:Special:CentralAuth/garam.

Nemo (talk)19:33, 21 March 2017
Edited by author.
Last edit: 06:33, 2 April 2017

Oh, sorry to confuse you. This means, known as "가람" (Garam) as korean language like w:ko:user:가람 (lawful sub-account), and mediawiki Wikimedia project is not only include Wikimedia mediawiki project like OSM wiki.

I want to change my account name (into "Garam") in wikimedia project, because original account name include my personal information, but you know, already who have this account name in fr wikipedia. But I will try it.


Idh0854 (talk)11:30, 24 March 2017

Still I'm waiting for answer. Thanks.

Idh0854 (talk)06:27, 2 April 2017


Nemo (talk)13:47, 2 April 2017


in the english text of the Message: MediaWiki:Pickle-adapt-catched-exception there is a typing mistake. Indeed the text: 'Catched excption' shpuld be replaced by 'Catched exception'

Robby (talk)06:41, 24 March 2017

Nice catch! Thank you! I credited you in the English file.

Jeblad (talk)12:50, 24 March 2017

Most used messages have all been translated into Kabiye

We have now translated the 598 most used messages offline into Kabiye (kbp). Please can you tell us what to do with them now? Kabiye still does not appear in the dropdown list, so we don't know how to upload the translations.

Gnangbade (talk)06:57, 29 April 2016

Now, after a long delay, Kabiye finally appears in the language selector.

Nike (talk)11:37, 4 May 2016

thanks, that's a step forward. We have all the translated messages stored in an Excel spreadsheet. Is there anyway of importing them into TranslateWiki without having to paste in each one manually?

Gnangbade (talk)21:46, 11 May 2016

No I don't think so, unless you want to play with Pywikibot to automate it. Had you chosen the download for offline translation option, then you could have given us the file to upload.

Nike (talk)07:25, 21 May 2016

OK, never mind, I've started pasting them in mannually this evening. Done about a third of them, and will get to the others when I can. Thanks for your help.

Gnangbade (talk)19:10, 21 May 2016

Hi I have entered all the messages. What happens now?

Gnangbade (talk)19:06, 23 May 2016

Does this website supports Edge browser?

I just entered the talk page in Edge and the text was in a narrow column on the right.


Uziel302 (talk)12:47, 20 March 2017

You may have discovered a bug with Edge or LiquidThreads: it's useful to upload a screenshot at

No developer uses Microsoft browsers, but for MediaWiki in general see mw:Compatibility. I recommend using a modern free software browser, such as Firefox or Chromium.

Nemo (talk)07:57, 21 March 2017

Renaming keys

I'd like to rename some keys we added to core, with the string userExpLevel. They accidentally do not fit the convention (which says, lower-case, no CamelCase). On master of MediaWiki core, the desired rename is:

rcfilters-filter-userExpLevel-newcomer-label => rcfilters-filter-user-experience-level-newcomer-label
rcfilters-filter-userExpLevel-newcomer-description => rcfilters-filter-user-experience-level-newcomer-description
rcfilters-filter-userExpLevel-learner-label => rcfilters-filter-user-experience-level-learner-label
rcfilters-filter-userExpLevel-learner-description => rcfilters-filter-user-experience-level-learner-description
rcfilters-filter-userExpLevel-experienced-label => rcfilters-filter-user-experience-level-experienced-label
rcfilters-filter-userExpLevel-experienced-description => rcfilters-filter-user-experience-level-experienced-description

Should I do it? If so, in all the files, or just en and qqq? Or is this something the team could do?

Thank you.

Mattflaschen (talk)02:44, 18 February 2017

I confirm mw:Localisation#Changing existing messages: just go ahead. Thanks for caring.

Nemo (talk)08:49, 23 February 2017

Thank you. I wasn't sure if the same advice applied if it wasn't a "old translations are not suitable for the new meaning" situation.

Mattflaschen (talk)23:30, 23 February 2017
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