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How does a user become a translator?219:14, 21 May 2022
The Answer to nog-latn 016:19, 17 May 2022
Nogais in Europe 413:30, 8 May 2022
Deletion of translations identical to English source218:07, 1 May 2022
Message Documentation Templates311:20, 25 April 2022
Identical translations on Osm (OpenStreetMap)011:23, 2 April 2022
ajp RTL411:49, 30 March 2022
Struggling with the interface...210:58, 30 March 2022
זה צריך להיות אישי222:38, 14 February 2022
Cтарые версии200:55, 9 January 2022
שלוש נקודות מול סימן השמטה (אליפסיס)114:18, 11 December 2021
MediaWiki:Ores-rcfilters-goodfaith-good-desc/he115:44, 5 December 2021
Input method for Shan language007:35, 21 November 2021
Translations:User:Amire80415:54, 24 October 2021
Name of the namespaces of lombard language013:23, 17 September 2021
Name of the namespaces of lombard language013:17, 17 September 2021
Adding new languages008:55, 20 August 2021
Pite Sámi007:01, 15 August 2021
מצטערים או סליחה319:51, 2 August 2021
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A thread, Thread:User talk:Amire80/Vandalism, was moved from here to Portal talk:Tr. This move was made by Nemo bis (talk | contribs) on 28 May 2022 at 09:35.

How does a user become a translator?


I must have done what it takes to obtain the translator rights but it was long ago… How does one get the translator rights? I am asking because Kadwalan tried to translate a string to Breton, but couldn’t because he doesn’t have the translator rights. He is a trusted Wikipedia user and a fluent Breton speaker. Can he get the necessary rights?

Huñvreüs (talk)12:29, 21 May 2022

I gave him the translator right.

The usual procedure is to create an account, make some test translations from the main page, and wait until an administrator (often it's myself) gives you the right. It's a measure to filter out spam bots and obvious vandals. Occasionally mistakes happen: good translators are rejected because of am administrator's misunderstanding, and occasionally vandals are approved. But most of the time it seems to work well.

Since you told me that you know him, we can skip the test translations step.

If both of you are going to submit translations now, I recommend that you use the same list of projects that I put on your user page, but each of you works on a different item in the list. For example, you can work on "Core MediaWiki" and he can work on "Visual Editor".

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)12:44, 21 May 2022


Huñvreüs (talk)19:14, 21 May 2022

Nogais in Europe

Hello, here is proof that there are nogais in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Here is a book wich is written in nogai latin script in Turkey:

TayfunEt. (talk)10:21, 8 May 2022

I didn't ask for a source that says that there are Nogais in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. I asked for reliable sources that show that the Latin alphabet is standardized and used in formal media, such as professionally published newspapers, books, and websites.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)10:30, 8 May 2022
TayfunEt. (talk)10:32, 8 May 2022


I looked at these, and at all the other books you've posted at Thread:Support/Evidence_that_the_Nogai_was_also_written_in_latin_alphabet.

Have you actually read them yourself?


This book is in Turkish.


This book also looks like it's in Turkish. Does it say that Nogay is written in Latin? On which page?


This is a page in Turkish, not in Nogay. It only lists a few Nogay words and not whole texts.


This is the only one that looks like it actually be in Nogay. I'll check it in more detail.


This one doesn't look like it's about the Nogay language at all.


This one was published in the Soviet Union in 1969. Are you sure it says that Nogay is written in Latin letters? I doubt it.


Does it say that Nogay is written in Latin? On which page?



These are blog posts on a free blogging site, so these are not reliable sources.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)12:26, 8 May 2022

Yes, I did actually read most of them.


This book is in Nogai Turkish (there is written "Nogay Türkçesi grameri" wich means in Turkish "Nogai Turkish Grammer") Nogai is also called in Turkey Nogai Turkish (Nogay Türkçesi)


Here is saying "Nogay Halk yırları" wich means in Nogai "Nogai folk songs"


Here is the Latin alphabet used for translation from Turkish to Nogai and also from Nogai to pomak


This is the first novel in nogai language in latin alphabet


Here is the destan "Şora batır" (old history Shora batir) written in latin alphabet in nogai


Here is some words and grammer in Nogai translation in latin alphabet

And please return the edits...

TayfunEt. (talk)12:43, 8 May 2022

Deletion of translations identical to English source

Hi Amire80,

I noticed you have recently deleted several translations that happen to be identical to the English source (such as I wonder with what authority you are doing that?

The thing is that (1) not having a translation, and (2) having a translation that is identical to the source, is not the same situation. When there is a translation, it is stated explicitly that this is in fact the Danish (in this case) translation of the source – which just happens to be identical to the original. Not having a translation means that there is no claim about any translation, and some could see that as if the translation is missing and start translating it, and that translation could very well be faulty, as they might misunderstand what the original means, such as misunderstanding the context. Having a translation already present nudges them in the direction of the correct understanding, and also makes them less likely to even focus on that translation, as it is clear that it has already been taken care of.

So is it some kind of strict policy not to allow translations that simply happen to be identical to the original? And in that case, what is the reasoning behind that, as I would find that quite an odd policy? That a translation happens to be identical to the original doesn't mean that it isn't in fact a proper translation that took knowledge, careful consideration etc. to translate.

jhertel (talk)14:39, 29 April 2022

You don't need to be concerned that people will see that the translation of these messages is missing and make a faulty translation. By default, people will not see these messages as missing, because they are defined as optional. Messages are defined as optional when their translations are expected to be identical to the original English string in most languages. They may still be translated if they must be different from English, but if they are identical, then keeping an identical string is useless.

The messages I deleted recently are defined as optional because these are labels of keyboard keys, which are the same in almost all countries. I know that they may be different in France, Spain, and a few other countries. I don't know about Denmark; if "Backspace", "Shift", or some other key have a different label on keyboards sold in Denmark, then they should be translated with these names. Otherwise, they should be taken directly from English and not translated.

If a message is not defined as optional, but its translation happens to be identical to English, then it indeed shouldn't be deleted.

Optional messages can be shown in the translation interface by clicking the "..." button at the top of the translation interface and checking "Optional messages" ("Valgfrie beskeder").

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)08:01, 1 May 2022

Hi Amir,

Thank you for a very thorough and excellent reply, addressing all my concerns and guiding me so nicely. You even stated the translation of the label "Optional messages" in Danish; that's just so excellent and wholesome.

In fact, "Shift" does have a diverging translation in Danish, namely "Skift". But that translation is still perfectly alive and well at, just as it should be.

Thank you again for such a perfect reply.

jhertel (talk)18:07, 1 May 2022

Message Documentation Templates

Hi Amrie80

As you know, docs in Category:Message Documentation Templates uses in messages.

I can fix and add Template:Localized to all docs in Category:Message Documentation Templates same Template:Technical?

Beginneruser (talk)16:43, 24 April 2022

Please don't do it. Documentation is in English.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)11:12, 25 April 2022

Identical translations on Osm (OpenStreetMap)

I am not part of translation or OpenStreetMap staff, so I can not speak for them. However, as far as I know, we do not delete (or leave empty) identical translations like Osm:Geocoder.search_osm_nominatim.prefix.amenity.language_school/en-gb for OpenStreetMap (another example..). This a.o. avoids potential issues with the import/export process and for me personally, this makes it easier to find and compare translations. It is likely the string will (have to) be added back. The reason this and similar strings may be marked as outdated are recent pull requests I made, like this one. Translation is left to preferably native speakers on this project. You can simply ignore these outdated warnings if the translation is already correct. Thanks for your understanding.

(It is unlikely individual strings will be marked for translation for individual languages at any point on this project, as it is basically redundant once they have been translated. There's unlikely to be any large change in the english names any time soon.)

Danieldegroot2 (talk)11:22, 2 April 2022

Hi again :)

I think we had this discussion in the past: so far ajp is displayed as left-to-right on (for instance: )

Is there a way to display it from right to left (as for ar, aeb, ary, arq, arz)?

(I remember you told me that this would be automatically done once we translate the core interface, but I'm not sure I remember well and I can't find the discussion, I don't know if it was on Wikipedia, TranslateWiki, GitHub, Phabricator, Unicode Atlassian...)

A455bcd9 (talk)11:13, 30 March 2022

Indeed. Once you get to 13% of core messages, it will be properly defined as RTL. There's no convenient way to do it before that. Sorry about the inconvenience. Just continue with the Most used messages, and you'll get there.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)11:16, 30 March 2022
A455bcd9 (talk)11:19, 30 March 2022

When I write "13% of core", I mean "13% of core" :)

About 500 messages.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)11:39, 30 March 2022

Haha got it :)

So if we translate all "MediaWiki (most important messages)" (about 500 messages?) that should be enough to cover "13% of core"? (I assume that "MediaWiki (most important messages)" is a subset of "MediaWiki core"?)

A455bcd9 (talk)11:49, 30 March 2022

Struggling with the interface...

Hi, I'm reviewing some translations. Is there a way to display who submitted that translation?

A455bcd9 (talk)10:50, 30 March 2022

Click the message key at the top of the translation box, and then "History".

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)10:50, 30 March 2022

Got it, thanks!

A455bcd9 (talk)10:58, 30 March 2022

זה צריך להיות אישי

התכוונת "זה צריך להיות אישי לגבר"? כי לאישה זה לא רק לא אישי, זה אפילו לא מכליל. אני רואה שגיא פעל כאן בעבר וכתב ניסוחים מכבדים בלשון ריבוי.

לואיקה (talk)22:23, 14 February 2022

ממש לא כולם חושבים שהם מכבדים. ר׳ תגובה בדף השיחה שלך.

זה אחד המסכים שגורמים להכי הרבה השחתות, מכוונות ולא מכוונות. צריך להיות ברור מי עושה את זה. אם יש לך פתרון ברור שאומר לכל האנשים ובלי יותר מדי מילים שהפעולה הבאה שלהם תיצור דף, אשמח לשמוע.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)22:30, 14 February 2022

שללת לוכסנים, שללת ריבוי, שללת נוסח ללא מגדר. העדפת פנייה אישית ישירה לגבר ומדירה לאישה על פני פנייה כללית לכול אחד ואחת. לא, לא נשאר לי פתרון קסם.

לואיקה (talk)22:38, 14 February 2022

Cтарые версии

У вас есть группа бюрократы [1] у которой есть право deleterevision. Просьба подавить/удалить две версии (между первой и последней) на странице [2] где содержатся личные данные в виде координат.

Sunpriat22:27, 8 January 2022

Сделал. Проверьте, пожалуйста.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)22:52, 8 January 2022

Спасибо, всё правильно.

Sunpriat (talk)00:55, 9 January 2022

שלוש נקודות מול סימן השמטה (אליפסיס)

Yaron Shahrabani (talk)14:11, 11 December 2021

כי נשגב מבינתי למה כן להשתמש בתו האליפסיס, גם באנגלית. שלוש נקודות נותנות את מה שצריך בכל השפות (נתעלם מהינדי ובורמזית וכאלה, שאין בהן נקודות בכלל, הן יסתדרו איכשהו).‏

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)14:18, 11 December 2021

שלום אמיר, מה הסיפור עם העדכון של הדף הזה? תיקנתי את שגיאת הכתיב ב־22.11, ונכון ל־05.12.2021 17:38 (IST) השגיאה עדיין מופיעה באתרי הוויקי. זו תקלה, או שאין עדכוני תוכנה?

דגש חזק - talk15:37, 5 December 2021

אכן לא היו עדכונים כבר שבועיים, קודם בגלל חג ההודיה ואחר־כך מסיבות טכניות. זה מעכב הרבה דברים. יעודכן בקרוב מתישהו

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)15:44, 5 December 2021

Input method for Shan language

Hello! Shan community requested me to include an input method for Shan (shn) in UniversalLanguageSelector. They would like to use SIL Keyboard layout from Keyman. Could you please help this? As I am not familiar with key mapping, I didn't understand jquery.ime explanation from YouTube. For more information about the layout, you can contact @Saimawnkham:. Thank you.

NinjaStrikers «»07:35, 21 November 2021


Should the pages Translations:User:Amire80/etc be translated?

Ajeje Brazorf (talk)14:21, 24 October 2021

No, I already responded about it on Support. User:Amire80/глоссарий is work in progress. If you saw it in the Translatable pages list, please ignore it. I hope to make it translatable later, when it becomes more stable.

But since you saw it, I'm open to feedback about it.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)15:41, 24 October 2021

No, i saw it on "FuzzyBot imports". OK understood, I'll translate it later.

Ajeje Brazorf (talk)15:44, 24 October 2021

PS: I think that the definition's headers must be capitalised (i.e. category (English: category) will be Category (English: category). But I really like this page, it's really well written!

Ajeje Brazorf (talk)15:51, 24 October 2021

Thanks :)

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)15:54, 24 October 2021

Adding new languages

Hi, I just noticed that you may have forgotten about my request for new languages. I still would like those languages to be added, so could you please do it? I have linked the support page where the request is here. Thanks

MinecraftAustralia (talk)08:55, 20 August 2021

Pite Sámi

שבוע טוב :-) Any chance to have a look at this request? Thank you in advance, and best regards from Northern Norway.

Olve Utne (talk)07:01, 15 August 2021

מצטערים או סליחה

Edited by author.
Last edit: 19:42, 2 August 2021

שלום אמיר.

סקרתי תרגומים וראיתי שבמקומות ספורים "סורי" תורגם ל"מצטערים", ובמקומות אחרים "סליחה". לדעתי "מצטערים" הוא התרגום הנכון יותר. לאחר מעשה ראיתי תגית "שחזור ידני" על העריכות, כך שאני מבין שזה היה בעבר "מצטערים" ואתה שינית ל"סליחה". למה בעצם?

דגש חזק - talk19:37, 2 August 2021

אחידות. לא אכפת לי אם זה סליחה או מצטערים. העיקר שיהיה אחיד ברמת תכונה אחת, הרחבה אחת, מסך אחד, וכו׳.‏

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)19:42, 2 August 2021

אבל גם כך לא הייתה אחידות. בכוונתי להאחיד ל"מצטערים".

דגש חזק - talk19:43, 2 August 2021

גרמתי לאחידות באותה ההרחבה לכיוון של סליחה. בא לך להפוך? – תהפוך.‏

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)19:51, 2 August 2021
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