Category:Candidates for speedy deletion

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This category is hidden by default at the bottom its member pages in their list of categories, except if users have opted in their preferences to display such hidden categories.

This category contains pages tagged with speedy deletion template {{Delete|reason given}}.
Before speedily deleting a page, take the time to ensure that it meets the criteria for speedy deletion, check the links, the history, and (for images) the file links.
If there is any doubt at all, switch the article to a vetting process (like Wikipedia:Proposed deletion, but on this wiki you should discuss it in Support) that allows time for others to review the proposal.

This tracking category should ideally be empty, but it is used for tracking some errors or other conditions that may occur. It may be populated by templates, or by internal MediaWiki features.
NotePlease do not delete this category even if it's empty, thank you.