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    See Languages by language family/Eastern Alta Mixtec (or East Central Mixtec, Mixteco del Este Central, Valles Lower Mixtec, Mixteco Bajo de Valles, Nochixtlán Mixtec, North Central Nochixtlán Mixtec, Central Nochistlán Mixtec, Southern Nochixtlán Mixtec, Nuxaá Mixtec, Mixteco de Nuxaá, Santo Domingo Nuxaá Mixtec, Mixteco de Santo Domingo Nuxaá, Tidaá Mixtec, Mixteco de Tidaá, San Pedro Tidaá Mixtec, Mixteco de San Pedro Tidaá, Zaachila Mixtec, Mixteco de Zaachila). See also wikipedia:en:Classification of Mixtec languages.

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