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This category lists languages which use the Jamo (alias for Jamo subset of Hangul) script (or jamo (alias pour le sous-ensemble jamo du hangûl) in French), coded Jamo or 284 in ISO 15924 since 2016-01-19, supported by Unicode since version 1.1 (ref. : Ch18.6). See also wikipedia:en:ISO 15924:Jamo.
You can render that script on your system with the following fonts (in order of coverage): 'Noto Sans CJK KR', 'Noto Serif CJK KR', sans-serif.

This is actually a subset of Hangul (ISO 15924: Hang) used for compatibility with applications that cannot render Hangul with precomposed syllables in full squares but only as linear, half-width jamos. Most modern Korean systems and applications (except legacy terminals with limited capabilities) can render full Hangul or can decompose them canonically to provide the necessary support.

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