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This category is hidden by default at the bottom its member pages in their list of categories, except if users have opted in their preferences to display such hidden categories.

This category signals pages that use <source>...</source> or <syntaxhighlight>...</syntaxhighlight> without the mandatory lang="..." attribute in the leading tag, or an incorrect/unsupported value for the programming language, or whose content parsing in that language detects syntaxic issues or rendering problems (including cases where the generated highlighted source code would be too large: large source code should not be included but stored in separate pages or linked from an external repository store where the code is maintained outside the wiki.

  • For highlighting HTML or Wiki code, use lang="html5"
  • For highlighting CSS stylesheets, use lang="css"
  • For highlighting JSON data, use lang="json"
  • For highlighting Javascript source code, use lang="javascript"
  • For highlighting Lua source code, use lang="lua"
  • For highlighting PHP source code, use lang="php"
  • For highlighting shell script code, use lang="shell" or lang="bash"
  • For unknown/unsupported languages, or generic text, or if the source code is too large, use lang="text", or better use a <pre>...</pre> instead of <source lang="...">...</source> which is much faster, and much less costly, or store the source code in an external source repository and provide a link to its maintenance page.
This tracking category should ideally be empty, but it is used for tracking some errors or other conditions that may occur. It may be populated by templates, or by internal MediaWiki features.
NotePlease do not delete this category even if it's empty, thank you.

This category currently contains no pages or media.