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The users of the following languages have indicated their level of knowledge (or absence of knowledge) of the language with a Babel boc on their user page, and some of them have registered as volunteering translators for that language, but translation to this language has been disabled on this wiki because of issues (such as ambiguity in the language identification), or because of lack of review and long term support by an active community.

In some cases, the language code has been renamed to a preferred one (in order to conform to international standards or to conventions on this wiki), and users of these languages should change their Babel box to use the newer more correct code (these codes may be deleted on this wiki for maintenance and cleanup purpose).

This language or language code is either disabled (meaning not yet enabled or no longer supported by or no longer exported.
If no longer exported, please don’t translate to this language unless you’re working to resolve the issues it was disabled for. — Support


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