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Level of linguistic knowledge: ff-0 · ff-1 · ff-2 · ff-3 · ff-4 · ff-5 · ff-N

This user has no knowledge of Fulah (Fulfulde) (or understands it with considerable difficulty).

Noteff : Fulah (Fulfulde) is a macrolanguage. Please choose:
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  • ffm-0 : Maasina Fulfulde (Maasinankoore)
  • fub-0 : Adamawa Fulfulde (Adamawa Fulfulde)
  • fuc-0 : Pulaar (Pulaar)
  • fue-0 : Borgu Fulfulde (Borgu Fulfulde)
  • fuf-0 : Pular (Pular)
  • fuh-0 : Western Niger Fulfulde (Western Niger Fulfulde)
  • fui-0 : Bagirmi Fulfulde (Bagirmi Fulfulde)
  • fuq-0 : Central-Eastern Niger Fulfulde (Central-Eastern Niger Fulfulde)
  • fuv-0 : Hausa States Fulfulde (Hausa States Fulfulde)


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