Group management proposal

This page is outdated and needs updating.

Special:ManageGroups needs enchanting. First of all it should be renamed to Special:ManageMessageGroups.

The layout should be changed to tables:

Page actions: [Refresh all] [Update all groups]

Show: o All   o Manageable groups   o Groups with message changes

Group Type Last updated Actions
MediaWiki Old N/A N/A
FreeCol File based 24. Oct 2010 at 10:24 [Refresh] [Update]
.. .. .. ..

  • Refresh means checking for changes
  • Updating means that we use Ajax to load list of changes

This way with Ajax we can achieve less clicks and page loads. We also use ajax to process those changes in as many requests as is needed.


Actions for change types:

  • New messages: only import
  • Removed messages: none (just list them)
  • Changed messages: import, import and fuzzy translations
  • New translations: import, import and fuzzy
  • Changed translations: import, import and fuzzy, ignore

Allow selecting the default action for last three types (per page or per group or per language?)

Set defaults:

  • Changed messages: [import] [import and fuzzy translations]
  • New translations: [import] [import and fuzzy]
  • Changed translations: [import] [import and fuzzy] [ignore]


  • New message foo
    Text goes ghere
  • Changed message bar | o Import   × Import and Fuzzy
In the file In the wiki
Duuba daa Diiba daa
  • ...


The same way...


New interface GroupDefinitionCache and DB and CDB(?) implementations of that.

New db table: groupdefinitions


  • gd_group
  • gd_sortkey # to keep the correct order
  • gd_key
  • gd_value