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Contents of the README file. The result will be shown to the user as plain text (there's no wikitext parsing).

  • $1: Category name
  • $2: Category URL
  • $3: Result of scaling restrictions (one of Catdown-scaling-none, Catdown-scaling-width, Catdown-scaling-height, Catdown-scaling-both messages). To keep the sentence meaningful, you probably not want to place a space before this. Remember to translate scaling-width, scaling-height, scaling-both, or the users may face with half sentence in another language.
  • $4: Filename of the list.
  • $5 Name of the .bat script to run (script-filename msg)
  • $6: Note if wget for Windows was not bundled (contents of non-bundled-wget message if 'Bundle wget' was not checked)