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Tai-Kadai (or Kra-Dai) languages

Lakkia-Biao languages:
Beic (or Bê, Be) languages:
  • Jizhao (or Mainland Bê, Wuchuan Bê, Wuchuan Tai) [?]
  • Lingao (or Ong-Be, Ongbe, Hainan Bê, Northern Hainan Tai) languages
Daic languages:
  • Northern Daic-Sek languages (see below)
  • Central-Southwestern Tai languages (see below)
  • Zhuang macrolanguage [za/zha] (not really a macrolanguage, but a geographic-based linkage partially spanning the two subfamilies above, and whose speakers also generally use Mandarin Chinese for intercommunication as there's no mutual interstanding between all member languages)
    • Northern Zhuang [ccx] macrolanguage (deprecated: splitted into [zch], [zeh], [zgb], [zgn], [zln], [zlj], [zlq], [zqe], [zyj], [zyb]; disabled)
    • Southern Zhuang [ccy] macrolanguage (deprecated: splitted into [zzj], [zyn], [zhn/zyg], [zhd]; disabled)
    • Minz Zhuang [zgm] (disabled) (added to the merged macrolanguage after the deprecation of [ccy])
Northern Daic-Sek languages:
Central-Southwestern Tai languages:
Southwestern Tai P languages:
Shan Tai languages:
Southwestern Thai PH languages:
Lao-Thai languages: