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This is a MediaWiki Action API parameter description for the "terms" parameter to the "query+pageterms" module. See API:Main page at for general information.


  • $1 - Module parameter prefix, e.g. "bl"
  • $2 - Parameter name (without prefix), e.g. "title"
  • $3 - Module name, e.g. "backlinks"
  • $4 - Module path, e.g. "query+backlinks"

For other messages relating to this module, see:

  • apihelp-query+pageterms-description ("Get the Wikidata terms (typically labels, descriptions and aliases) associated with a page via a sitelink. On the entity page itself, the terms are used directly. Caveat: On a repo wiki, this module only works directly on entity pages, not on pages connected to an entity via a sitelink. This may change in the future.")