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Text displayed to automatically blocked users.

"email this user" should be consistent with Emailuser ("Email this user").


  • $1 - the blocking sysop (with a link to his/her userpage)
  • $2 - the reason for the block (in case of autoblocks: Autoblocker ("Autoblocked because your IP address has been recently used by "$1".

The reason given for $1's block is "$2""))

  • $3 - the current IP address of the blocked user
  • $4 - (Unused) the blocking sysop's username (plain text, without the link). Use it for GENDER.
  • $5 - the unique numeric identifier of the applied autoblock
  • $6 - the expiry of the block
  • $7 - the intended target of the block (what the blocking user specified in the blocking form)
  • $8 - the timestamp when the block started

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