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Used in Special:Preferences, first tab, as one of the selectable options of the Yourgender ("How do you prefer to be described?") prompt. Choosing it indicates that the grammatical gender of the username should be "female" for those languages having a "normal" female grammatical gender.

You have to customize this example for your language if needed to have a sentence which varies depending on the grammatical gender. The wording must demonstrate the actual usage of the option. It should sound like a reply to Yourgender ("How do you prefer to be described?").

For example, if the verb "I edit" in your language is different in masculine and feminine, translate "I edit" in feminine here. If your language does not make a distinction at all, use sentences like "she is female/woman".

Appears in a group with:

The software uses its value to address you and to mention you to others using the appropriate grammatical gender. This information will be public.")