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Void of content122:10, 10 April 2017

Void of content

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This system message should be deleted or void of content. See MediaWiki:Editnotice-8/hu, MediaWiki:Editnotice-8/de. It is appearing on every edit on croatian language system messages on

Bugoslav (talk) 23:56, nedjelja, 9. travnja 2017. (SEV)21:56, 9 April 2017

MaGa, can we agree that this system message is not needed. Also, when the english system message is exactly the same as croatian one, there is no need to copy it into croatian "translation".

Bugoslav (talk) 00:05, utorak, 11. travnja 2017. (SEV)22:05, 10 April 2017