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The Gregorian calendar is a fundamental part of the MediaWiki user interface, and is also an important set of articles to create for the Wikipedia incubator project (incubator:Wp/ban).

The names have been translated into Balinese, however they need to be proofread.


English Balinese Balinese genitive Short
January MediaWiki:January/ban YesY MediaWiki:January-gen/ban YesY MediaWiki:Jan/ban YesY
February MediaWiki:February/ban YesY MediaWiki:February-gen/ban YesY MediaWiki:Feb/ban YesY
March MediaWiki:March/ban YesY MediaWiki:March-gen/ban YesY MediaWiki:Mar/ban YesY
April MediaWiki:April/ban YesY MediaWiki:April-gen/ban YesY MediaWiki:Apr/ban YesY
May MediaWiki:May long/ban MediaWiki:May-gen/ban YesY MediaWiki:May/ban YesY
June MediaWiki:June/ban YesY MediaWiki:June-gen/ban YesY MediaWiki:Jun/ban YesY
July MediaWiki:July/ban YesY MediaWiki:July-gen/ban YesY MediaWiki:Jul/ban YesY
August MediaWiki:August/ban YesY MediaWiki:August-gen/ban YesY MediaWiki:Aug/ban YesY
September MediaWiki:September/ban YesY MediaWiki:September-gen/ban YesY MediaWiki:Sep/ban YesY
October MediaWiki:October/ban YesY MediaWiki:October-gen/ban YesY MediaWiki:Oct/ban YesY
November MediaWiki:November/ban MediaWiki:November-gen/ban YesY MediaWiki:Nov/ban YesY
December MediaWiki:December/ban YesY MediaWiki:December-gen/ban YesY MediaWiki:Dec/ban YesY

Days of week

English Balinese
Normal Short/Abbreviation
Sunday MediaWiki:Sunday/ban YesY MediaWiki:Sun/ban YesY
Monday MediaWiki:Monday/ban YesY MediaWiki:Mon/ban YesY
Tuesday MediaWiki:Tuesday/ban YesY MediaWiki:Tue/ban YesY
Wednesday MediaWiki:Wednesday/ban YesY MediaWiki:Wed/ban YesY
Thursday MediaWiki:Thursday/ban YesY MediaWiki:Thu/ban YesY
Friday MediaWiki:Friday/ban YesY MediaWiki:Fri/ban YesY
Saturday MediaWiki:Saturday/ban YesY MediaWiki:Sat/ban YesY