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This page is for listing standard translations for words, terms and phrases which are highly repeated in the messages; so that translations across products can be standardised. Standard terms should be chosen keeping in mind:

  • Is it in use elsewhere on the internet?
  • Is it something that will be easily understood?
  • Is it possible to have a well-known hindi translation instead of using a loanword?
  • In case of synonyms, which sounds more formal and which is not derived from urdu

Current standard translation include:


  • article: लेख
  • category: श्रेणी
  • character: when refering to an alphabet: अक्षर or कैरैक्टर The latter should be used in programming contexts since अक्षर can consist of more than one character. Example: किया has 2 अक्षर, कि and या but 4 characters क ि य and ा . The context should be kept in mind when translating this.
  • comments: टिप्पणी
  • filter: फ़िल्टर
  • file: चित्र (namespace); फ़ाइल (other non-namespace uses like "ZIP file")
  • log: लॉग
  • name: नाम
  • namespace: नामस्थान
  • page: पृष्ठ (less formal option: पन्ना)
  • rollback: वापिस लें (verb), वापिस लेना (noun)
  • search: खोजें (verb, when used as a button); खोज (noun)
  • section: अनुभाग
  • statistics: आँकड़े; सांख्यिकी
  • system message: सिस्टम संदेश
  • template: साँचा
  • title: शीर्षक
  • talk: वार्ता
  • discussion: चर्चा
  • Visual Editor: यथादृश्य संपादिका
  • undo: पूर्ववत करें (verb), पूर्ववत करना (noun)

Month names

  • January: जनवरी
  • February: फ़रवरी
  • March: मार्च
  • April: अप्रैल
  • May: मई
  • June: जून
  • July: जुलाई
  • August: अगस्त
  • September: सितंबर
  • October: अक्टूबर
  • November: नवम्बर
  • December: दिसम्बर


Since some projects use nagari numerals while others use arabic numerals; while translating, it should always be attempted to avoid direct use of either of them. If a parameter is availaible which contains the number, it should be used for specifying the number. If a parameter is not availaible, word form of the numbers should be used, such as एक for one, दो for two etc.

Language Names

There are possible variants of language names and spellings. The major ones are listed below. The Standard translation column attempts to list the language name/spelling which is most popular (with some exceptions), and other variants which are somewhat popular are given as alternates. This list can be amended by anyone, but the standard translation should not be replaced without discussion; and a minimum number of variants should be kept, only those which have considerable popularity. Use of the standard translation should be attempted in all translations.

Language Name Standard translation Alternates
Ahirani अहिराणी
Assamese असमिया
Bengali बंगाली बांग्ला
Chinese चीनी (preferably use as चीनी भाषा if it is to be used alone)
English* अंग्रेज़ी (mis)spelling: अंग्रेजी, अँग्रेजी
Farsi* फ़ारसी फारसी (without nukta)
French फ़्रेंच फ़्राँसीसी, फ़्रांसीसी, फ्रेंच
Greek यूनानी ग्रीक (loanword)
Hebrew हिब्रू इबरानी
Hindi हिन्दी हिंदी
Italian इतालवी इटालियन
Japanese जापानी
Korean कोरियाई
Malayalam मलयालम मलयाली
Oriya* ओड़िया उड़िया, ओडिया
Portugese पुर्तगाली
Tamil तमिल तामिल
Telugu तेलुगु
Urdu उर्दू
Vietnamese वियतनामी भाषा

* The alternate is more popular, but the standard is preferred for its correct spelling.

User Rights/Actions

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  • Confirmed: स्थापित
  • Patrolling: परीक्षण
  • Patrolled: परीक्षित/जाँचा हुआ
  • Autopatrolled: स्वतः परीक्षित
  • Reviewing (in Flagged Revisions extension): पुनरीक्षण
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