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Amharic native users' category link is broken213:17, 13 February 2018
Documentation of plural rules112:36, 13 February 2018

Amharic native users' category link is broken

አማርኛ የዚህ/ች አባል [[::Category:User_am-N ልደት ቋንቋ]] ነው።

Can someone please tell me why?!

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)09:04, 13 February 2018
  • Wikilinks (between double brackets) require a vertical bar separation (|) before the displayed text.
  • Links via URLS (between single brackets) require a space separation ( ) before the displayed text.

So use a vertical bar instead of the space in this case.

Note that wikilinks going to a category page must use a leading ":" before "Category:" (otherwise it will categorize the current page in that category, using the parameter after the vertical bar as an invisible sort key, and not as a displayed text) but will not display any link inline in the text. But you don't need to duplicate this leading ":" (it works though, this is not an error).

In summary you need to fix the translated Babel string used for "am-N" which is not using a correct wikilink.

But note that the translation of Babel is not here, and not loaded from "Mediawiki:" as they were in the past, these translations are now all within the PHP code implementing Babel, they are in an internal data table of the MediaWiki extension (for performance reason, it reduces the transclusion overhead on millions of user pages and avoids filling in a huge table tracking on which pages a transclusion of the resource is made somewhere within millions of user pages using a BabelBox on Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons).

So the "Mediawiki:" resource pages that were used are no longer necessary (they are used only as fallback if the necessary data is not found in the PHP code implementing the internal data tables of this extension): the interest is that it is no longer to import and create many "MediaWiki:" pages on each wiki, you just need to install the extension with its PHP code.

Report the bug to maintainers of the MediaWiki Babel extension:


Verdy p (talk)12:19, 13 February 2018
Verdy p (talk)13:17, 13 February 2018

Documentation of plural rules

I have drafted a list of Mediawiki plural rules for all languages. I would be grateful if a translator could check that the rules for Amharic are correctly recorded in the list. If I have made a mistake please go ahead and correct it.

It could also be useful to any future new translators for Amharic to be able to read notes on using plural, especially Mediwiki plural, on your portal or a sub-page of the portal.

Lloffiwr (talk)16:12, 28 April 2012

These plural rules are managed and documented in Unicode CLDR data. You can check these rules there:

http://cldr.unicode.org/index/cldr-spec/plural-rules (for the documentation, with links to the actual data, comparison tables, and online tests)

See the chart here:


I don't think we need to duplicate this international effort by a local page which may fall out of sync (and the top of the article already says that it is out of sync).

Most probably the wikitable should be removed from this incomplete draft page, and instead you can direct to the chart link above.

But note that this wikitable includes some plural rules for languages that are still not specified in the released CLDR data, such as Abkhaze (ab), which was not published officially because it was still not vetted but only drafted: That's where we could add a section below the reference URL above, showing draft rules currently used by MediaWiki for these missing languages.

But Amharic is included in released CLDR data.

Verdy p (talk)12:27, 13 February 2018