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This page is outdated and needs updating.

Welcome to's extension of the month!

Month Name Documentation Used on
September Global Blocking (current) & Meta-Wiki Used on all Wikimedia wikis


Here is the archive of the Extension of the week:

Week Name Documentation Used on
27 May till 9 June All Wikimedia extensions Used on some or all Wikimedia wikis
20 May till 26 May Babel Used on
13 May till 19 May Board Vote Used on Wikimedia Wikis
5 May till 12 May Contribution Scores used here
28 April till 4 May Global Blocking will be used on Wikimedia sites
21 April till 27 April Semantic MediaWiki Semantic MediaWiki wiki
Date started Name Documentation Used on
2008-04-10 SpecialInterwiki Counter-Vandalism wiki
2008-04-01 Google Maps photo-op-wiki
2008-03-24 Central Auth Wikimedia Sites
2008-03-17 Central Auth Wikimedia Sites
2008-03-10 Link Search Wikimedia wikis
2008-03-02 Semantic Forms example
2008-02-20 Translate Here!
2008-02-13 Quiz Wikiversity wikis
2008-02-06 New User Log Wikimedia wikis
2008-01-31 Wikidata Language Manager OmegaWiki
2008-01-24 Username Blacklist Wikimedia wikis
2008-01-16 Parser Functions Wikimedia wikis
2008-01-09 Site Matrix Wikimedia wikis
2008-01-02 Confirm Edit Wikimedia wikis
2007-12-26 Ogg Handler Wikimedia wikis
2007-12-19 Lucene Search Wikimedia wikis
2007-12-12 Liquid Threads Demo
2007-12-05 Gadgets Wikimedia wikis