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Betawiki Newsletter - July 2008

Hello, dear Betawiki user.

This is our second e-mail newsletter, after the previous in mid April. It intends to keep you updated on Betawiki's developments, and is also aimed at reminding you to visit the project at least once every month to update the language(s) you have been contributing to in the past, so that the localisations will stay up to date.

Noteworthy events

  • Niklas Laxström (aka Nikerabbit or Nike) is working hard on his summer coding project. So far the new features are experimental gettext support, statistics, special page link localisation for MediaWiki extensions, a redesign of the translation start page, and more. Niklas keeps us updated on his progress on his blog.
  • MinuteElectron has declared the MediaWiki extension Babel as stable. So far localisations for 100 languages have been submitted, although not all complete. Can you use it for your language?
  • Support for Word2MediaWikiPlus was removed. The developer let us know that he was not able to add the localisations in a build of the product. Our apologies for the time and effort you may have put into it.
  • Support has been added for new products: Vocabulary Trainer, and Mobile Broadband Configuration Assistant[1].
  • More news....

Status overview

  • MediaWiki core messages: Since the last update, the number of messages grew with 150 to 1,943 normal messages and 197 optional messages.
  • MediaWiki extensions: Currently Betawiki supports 235 MediaWiki extensions, which is an increase of 51 since the last update. Support for the extension Flagged Revisions was enabled again. In total the supported MediaWiki extensions have 4,158 (+1,250) normal messages, and 98 (+44) optional messages.
  • FreeCol: Localisation of Freecol is continuing as normal, support for more languages is progressing steadily. FreeCol 0.8.0 is about to be released, so please update your translations. Current message volume 1,555 regular messages and 360 optional messages.
  • Mobile Broadband Configuration Assistant: this product is being developed as part of a summer coding project by Antti Kaijanmäki and aims to improve ease of configuration for mobile broadband connections in Linux distributions. The project currently has 51 messages. Be aware that this product is in early development. Messages still change, appear and disappear.
  • Vocabulary trainer: this product makes it possible to use OmegaWiki word collections as input for vocabulary training. It currently contains 64 messages.


We now run daily statistics on all supported products. Here is an overview of localisation statuses for the various products and a comparison with the previous report, per 12 July 2008.

| Message group          | 9 Apr|12 Jul| change|
| Supported MW languages |  311 |  317 | +  2% |
| Most often used 98%+   |  101 |  111 | + 10% |
| Core 90%+              |   65 |   67 | +  3% |
| WMF extensions 90%+    |   30 |   20 | - 33% |
| Extensions 65%+        |   14 |   16 | + 14% |
| FreeCol languages      |      |   69 |       |
| FreeCol 90%+           |      |   11 |       |
| Voc. trainer languages |      |   27 |       |
| Voc. trainer 90%+      |      |    8 |       |
| Mob. Broadband CA langs|      |    8 |       |
| Mob. Broadband CA 90%+ |      |    3 |       |

We welcome feedback about this newsletter. Was it too compact/elaborate, was it informative enough, would you like to see other topics touched, etc. Please just let us know by sending a reply to this mail. We will try to accomodate your wishes.

Siebrand Mazeland
Betawiki staff

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