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Hello, dear Betawiki user.

This is our fourth e-mail newsletter. It intends to keep you updated on Betawiki's developments, and is also aimed at reminding you to visit at least once every month to update the language(s) you have been contributing to in the past, so that the localisations will stay up to date.

Noteworthy events

  • We have two weeks left until the end of 2008. What could be better than ending a year with with a fully translated message group? Participate in our End of Year Translation Rally and contribute now!
  • In the past months we have seen a few very nice open source product added to the Betawiki supported products: Mantis, a bug tracker, and Mwlib, an open source python based MediaWiki rendering engine. See the stats later in this newsletter.
  • Feature wise a special page LanguageStats has been added to show real-time translation statistics for all messages groups and Special:Translations shows all translations for a particular message.
  • More detailed news is available on-wiki.

Status overview

  • MediaWiki core messages: 136 core messages were added since the last update bringing the total to to 2,160. There are now 164 (+34) optional messages. MediaWiki 1.13.3 was released recently; everyone is encouraged to update; it also includes the latest relevant localisations.
  • MediaWiki extensions: Currently Betawiki supports 274 MediaWiki extensions, which is an increase of 30 since the last update. In total the supported MediaWiki extensions have 5,974 (+1,313) normal messages, and 139 (+13) optional messages.
  • Mantis: Localisation of Mantis is still growing; no effort has been made yet to get previous 'off-line' translators to Betawiki. This will be done in the coming month. Current message volume is 1,176 normal messages and 6 optional messages.
  • FreeCol: Localisation of FreeCol is continuing as normal, support for more languages is progressing steadily. FreeCol 0.8.0 alpha 3 is available for download. Please update your translations for the release version. Current message volume is 1,714 (+64) regular messages and 455 (+95) optional messages[8]. Contributions are especially welcome to the languages that are near the 25% inclusion criteria or already below it.
  • Vocabulary trainer: this product makes it possible to use OmegaWiki word collections as input for vocabulary training. It currently contains 63 (-1) messages[9].


We run daily statistics on all supported products. Here is an overview of localisation statuses for the various products, and a comparison with the previous report (30 August), per 15 December 2008.

  • MediaWiki: Supported languages: 322 (+1%)
  • MediaWiki: 98% of most often used messages translated: 105 (-6%)
  • MediaWiki: 90% translated: 64 (- 4%)
  • MediaWiki: 90% Wikimedia extensions translated: 25 (-11%)
  • MediaWiki: 65% Extensions translated: 17 (no change)

  • FreeCol: Supported languages 88 (+11%)
  • FreeCol: 90% translated: 17 (+42%)

  • Vocabulary trainer: Supported languages: 56 (+27%)
  • Vocabulary trainer: 90% translated: 19 (+19%)

  • Mantis: Supported languages 52 (no comparison data yet)
  • Mantis: 90% translated: 12 (no comparison data yet)

  • Mwlib.rl: Supported languages: 13 (no comparison data yet)
  • Mwlib.rl: 90% translated: 9 (no comparison data yet)

Languages with the most edits in the past month

  1. Ukranian (uk) (1,940 edits)
  2. Bosnian (bs) (1,620 edits)
  3. French (fr) (1,290 edits)
  4. Galician (gl) (1,190 edits)
  5. Khmer (km) (1,170 edits)
  6. Hebrew (he) (1,110 edits)
  7. Dutch (nl) (1,032 edits)
  8. Slovak (sk) (995 edits)
  9. Occitan (oc) (860 edits)
  10. Japanese (ja) (750 edits)

Top contributors since the last newsletter (excluding staff)

  1. Meno25 (11,000 edits) Languages: Arabic
  2. McDutchie (3,200 edits) Languages: Interlingua
  3. CERminator (2,800 edits) Languages: Bosnian
  4. Cedric31 (2,900 edits) Languages: Occitan, French
  5. නන්දිමිතුරු (2,900 edits) Languages: Sinhala
  6. Toliño (2,800 edits) Languages: Galician
  7. YaronSh (2,500 edits) Languages: Hebrew
  8. Vovk (2,100 edits) Languages: Ukrainian
  9. Michawiki (2,100 edits) Languages: Upper Sorbian, Lower Sorbian
  10. Brest (2,100 edits) Languages: Macedonian

We welcome feedback about this newsletter. Please let us know by sending a reply to this mail. We will try to accommodate your wishes.

Siebrand Mazeland
Betawiki staff

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