Project:News/Newsletter 2008-12-2


Dear Betawiki user,

2008 has been a very successful year for Betawiki and the localisation of projects that participate in it. As Betawiki staff we would like to thank you very much for that, and hope on good health for you and your loved ones, and your continued contributions for 2009.

End of December 2007 Siebrand formulated localisation goals for MediaWiki for 2008. They were ambitious. Really ambitious, and it looks like the four goals that were set are not going to be met. However, us Betawiki staff do not give up without a fight. There is still one more week left before the year ends, and because of that we would like to give you an incentive.

1,000 Euro Bounty

Together with Stichting Open Progress we are able to make available 1000 Euro, to be divided between all translators that will make 500 or more new translations for MediaWiki or its extensions before the end of the year (staff members excluded). In the past week there have been 5 users that made more than 500 translations, so that is quite an incentive, we think! If you are eligible to claim your share of the bounty, please do that at the designated page. Please note if you would like to receive your cut, have us donate it to the Wikimedia Foundation on your behalf, or if you do not claim it, in which case Stichting Open Progress will repurpose it.

We wish you happy and productive holidays and hope to see you revisit Betawiki often!

Betawiki Staff