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Rakkaus (Finnish, means love) is an ircbot at #mediawiki-i18n. It's is currently doing two things:

  1. broadcasting updates to the irc channel about when translatewiki.net is updated from the version control systems;
  2. broadcasting PHP warnings/notices/errors to the channel so that we can notice and fix any possible problems quickly.

If you are annoyed by its messages, it is safe to ignore it. Try the /ignore rakkaus command.

It also has a sister ircbot, rakkaudella (previously bwrcbot), relaying Special:Recentchanges (unfiltered) to #betawiki-rc for patrolling purposes.

Till August 27, 2012, rakkaus run on an external host, because it was not possible to connect to IRC from translatewiki.net's server. Now its code is also available on Wikimedia's Git repository.

To restart the bot, here's what Nike does: I login to the server with key forwarding; then I do ssh betawiki@localhost; then I use htop to kill "SCREEN -dmS ircrelay" and then I will run /home/betawiki/config/irc-relay/screen-init.sh.