This page is outdated and probably of no current use at all.


This week
  • Urgent:
 - Done Done Siebrand is unable export core-1.15 or core-1.16 before release
 - hopefully hopefully Bad bug in page translation: re?marking page for translation changes
   unrelated pages replacing content with random translations. Observed at
   KDE UserBase.
 - What to write in which order
 - See what there is and how to incorporate those
  • Research and start working on non-message translations problems:
 - exporting is too slow or not working at all (roberthl has worked on this)
 - bugzilla:21787: magic words localisation does not support 2 extensions with
   the same magic word
 not started
  • Done partly Done partly Review Special:Translate/manage (workflow/architecture/design)
 was discussed some, but no concrete steps what to do next yet
August (part-time job)
  • Done Done Continue documentation
  • Issues related to Page translation
 - Finish page moving
 Restore BC with 1.16, more testing
 - Implement page deletion and unmarking
 - Figure out what to do with broken page layouts when using outdated
   translations (non-issue?, documentation or have a admin decide behaviour)
  • Brainstorm for Special:ImportTranslations and start implementing
 - It is too slow, imports only 25-40 messages in one page load
 - Broken if main cache is not a proper cache
 Not started
  • Implement the changes to Special:Translate/manage
 Under work



  • Code documentation good enough Code documentation good enough Continue improving documentation
  • Improving Message Group Management page
Small improvements.
  • Page translation issues
Many issues still.


November - December (univ. studies)
  • Ariel: Translation review and workflow in testing
  • Documentation in good shape
  • Finish fixing Special:ImportTranslations
  • Finish fixing Special:Translate/manage if not already
  • Fix and improve caching of completion percentages (backend)
 - Invalidate where needed
 - Is the architecture ok?
 - Message Groups using page in MediaWiki-namespace for message listing need
   special handling.
  • Caching of messages in MediaWiki namespace is too slow

Done Done Our InnoDB cache was enormously small and has been enlarged greatly (from 8M to 1200M). Performance issue gone. In addition adaptive caching was implemented and put into use.