This page is outdated (since 3 September 2012) and needs updating.
  1. WBN: interactive plural help
    • detect if message uses plural
    • alert the user about it
    • provide previews of the translation with different numbers

Completed and QA-ed

  1. Done Done Check the quality of plural rules and improve them as much as possible
    • add headers if needed, graceful degradation when number of plural forms does not match
  2. Done Done Finish new style Gettext FFS implementation
  3. Done Done Ensure that new style Gettext FFS works
  4. Done Done Convert old style groups
  5. Done Done Fix issues in exporting wrt plural issues
  6. Done Done WBN: link to online source code browsers
  7. Done Done Implement positional printf formatter specification check
  8. No action taken No action taken Investigate the trailing newline bug
  9. mwr:73118 mwr:73118 Language map not honoured in importing
  10. mwr:73122 mwr:73122 Special Manage acting up
  11. Done Done Mangler not working for gettext groups