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Name of the month number {{{1}}} of the Gregorian calendar. This form is used without the day number in the month, and it's also known as "nominative". In some languages, it's different from the form used with the day number (for example, in Russian and Slavic languages); for these, the "genitive" forms are used, and they are defined in separate resources.

Nr. Short month name Long month name
(without day number, "nominative")
Long month name
(with a day number, "genitive")
01 Jan ("Jan") January ("January") January-gen ("January")
02 Feb ("Feb") February ("February") February-gen ("February")
03 Mar ("Mar") March ("March") March-gen ("March")
04 Apr ("Apr") April ("April") April-gen ("April")
05 May ("May") May long ("May") May-gen ("May")
06 Jun ("Jun") June ("June") June-gen ("June")
07 Jul ("Jul") July ("July") July-gen ("July")
08 Aug ("Aug") August ("August") August-gen ("August")
09 Sep ("Sep") September ("September") September-gen ("September")
10 Oct ("Oct") October ("October") October-gen ("October")
11 Nov ("Nov") November ("November") November-gen ("November")
12 Dec ("Dec") December ("December") December-gen ("December")
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