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This is the documentation subpage for the parent Template:PLURAL page.

This is used to format plurals using Ruby the syntax (Ruby infers which value to use by detecting parameter reference "%name%" in each listed item: the first reference found is supposed to be the numeric value to test so it should be somewhere in the listed parameters. This syntax does not work natively on this wiki.

Note that MediaWiki uses another syntax where "PLURAL:" is followed by a colon and the numeric value to test (Mediawiki does not have to parse all cases to detect which value to use), before listing other parameters as pairs keyed by a plural case, or an anonymous parameter for the default translation.


  • {{PLURAL|zero=No comments|one=%{count} comment|%{count} comments}}{{PLURAL|zero=No comments|one=%{count} comment|%{count} comments}}
  • {{PLURAL|one=%{count} comment|%{count} comments}}{{PLURAL|one=%{count} comment|%{count} comments}}
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