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Languages with translation completion less than 25 % are not committed to version control. If the project consists of multiple message groups, the limit is applied to each group separately.

Translation updates are exported to version control every Monday and Thursday.

Translation statistics

The numbers shown below are cached and may not show the latest status. See this [[Special:MessageGroupStats/{{{id}}}|stats page]] for always up to date statistics.



{{Special:TranslationStats/group={{{id}}};scale=weeks;days=90|width=500|height=250}} {{Special:TranslationStats/group={{{id}}};scale=weeks;days=90|width=500|height=250|count=reviews}}

Map of translators

Add yourself to map

Open support requests

No open support requests. This is good!

  • id = required
  • project = optional title; default is {{PAGENAME}}
  • category = category for translators (for the map)
  • former = optional; default is empty; if non-empty, disables some project tracking sections for exports, statistics, activity, and map
  • threshold = optional; default is {{Default export threshold}} = 25