Integrating language code "ase"

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Integrating language code "ase"

Can we add "ase - American Sign Language" to the list of languages on the Special:Translate page for FreeCol, Mobile Wikipedia, and WikiReader. There is no "ase" language option on the FreeCol translate page.

Further, the Babel user info has a problem for "ase". The language is American Sign Language, but the Babel user info incorrectly names the language "America". My favorite is ase-0. I couldn't track down where to fix this.

Babel user information
ase-0 This user has no knowledge of American Sign Language (or understands it with considerable difficulty).
Users by language
Slevinski20:02, 11 March 2010

Honestly, I have no idea where the 'American' description came from. I have changed it to American sign language for now. That does however not mean that we (can) support it for now.

You have sent me an e-mail with a lot of questions and ideas that I will most definitely reply to soonish. I think we need to look into proper support for (A)SL in MediaWiki before trying to support it in here, and before any localisations in other products than MediaWiki proper should be done -- it's just too bleeding edge at the moment IMO.

Siebrand22:29, 13 March 2010