Proposal to amend special page Supported Languages

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Proposal to amend special page Supported Languages

The draft of the new main page has a link to Special:SupportedLanguages in the section 'Hundreds of Languages'. I think that it would be good to make the following changes to this special page:

  1. Give the page a title. How about 'Supported Languages'?
  2. Include a link to each language portal in the section on each language. Would this slow the loading of the page too much?
  3. Add an introduction to the page at the top. Proposed draft of the introduction follows.

"This page shows a list of all the languages currently supported by, together with the names of the translators working in that language. If you want further information on a particular language, you can click on the link to the Portal for that language. Clicking on a translator's name will take you to his or her own page.

If a language is not listed, you can find out how to start a localization project for a language at "New Language".

If you translate for a language and your name is not included below, you should add your name to the list of translators on the Portal for that language. Your name will then be automatically added below."

Eventually it might be best to have a page dedicated to advising on how to start a new language, instead of it being a section in the Translating:Process page.

Lloffiwr11:09, 1 May 2010

All possible and not too hard, I think. I've made Niklas aware of this thread.

Siebrand14:03, 1 May 2010

Added a summary on Special:SupportedLanguages, added a page title and made it load. Todo: portal links.

Siebrand16:35, 1 May 2010

All done All done

Siebrand17:30, 1 May 2010


Lloffiwr17:47, 1 May 2010