Request temporary removal of translation right for user:DDPAT

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Hi! First of all, I am not too much of authority and I am not familiar with most of user's translation but I wanted to give clear examples of incorrect translations from the user that accidentally got my attention. This and this and this are what I found. The first edit, despite looking minor, completely ruins sentence from grammatical point of view. The second and third examples demonstrate translations that just make no sense at all. Also there were couple of this type of edits that are minor but also wrong. Yesterday I had a chat with DDPAT about the whole situation. On the one hand, he kinda understands what are his problems in this project (usage of Google translate and etc.) but on the other hand, I once more had to beg him not to translate things he has no clue about. I agree with Base that "poor translations are especially unfair towards third party platforms" because I literally discovered them while using the soft, however, I am not one to decide what to do with user's translation right.

Renvoy (talk)17:07, 29 October 2021