{{msg-mw|Wmobile-nav_end|notext=1}} and {{msg-mw|Wmobile-nav_top|notext=1}}

{{msg-mw|Wmobile-nav_end|notext=1}} and {{msg-mw|Wmobile-nav_top|notext=1}}

I can't find these two messages, 'End' and 'Top' on the Wikipedia mobile site. Anybody know what type of message this is. Is it a link, where if you click on it you jump to the top or bottom? Or is it a message telling the reader that they are at the top or end?

Lloffiwr13:12, 18 December 2009

Its supposed to be used in a future version of Palm Pre application. It is not currently live.

Hcatlin09:54, 14 February 2010

Do you know how these messages will be used when they do go live? If not, I'll just wait until it does go live. You will probably have guessed that the translation will be different depending on whether the message is used in a link or used to describe that you are at the end or top already; otherwise I wouldn't need to ask this question in the first place! If it turns out that the messages are to be used both in links and in place markers then I will be sunk (or lost for words:-)).

Lloffiwr15:07, 14 February 2010

Are these messages now used? If so, how?

Lloffiwr12:59, 5 July 2011

This component has been abandoned, and replaced by Special:Translate/out-wikipedia-mobile

Siebrand11:16, 28 December 2011