On Moving Forward in Quechua

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On Moving Forward in Quechua

AlimanRuna and Siebrand,

I'm here to lend you support for the problem of contributions and speakers. I studied the Quechua of Ayacucho, but lived where the Ancash Quechua is spoken in North Central Peru. I want to begin to bring this problem to the attention of linguists, this is because of my hope that languages can improve speaker and literacy rates with contributors.

My research, for example, finds Ancash Quechua moribund, with the only truly fluent speakers being elderly females. Moreover, they are despised for speaking Quechua and are treated cruelly for their lack of Spanish literacy. Most of the women who could help pass on traditional knowledge cannot read or write in any language, so this must be taken up as a cause by young people, who are comfortable with computers, are internet savvy.

The problem is poverty. I am willing to try to find some solutions, but it is a huge obstacle. Because I've had a research station in highland Peru, I know very well, how young people struggle to get away from rural poverty, and are trying to get by on perhaps $1 U.S. dollar per day. When people are living on potatoes, they are not able to worry about Wikipedia in Quechua, or Spanish, or any language.

Please, let us communicate. I will copy this message to Siebrand, I believe there is considerable effort underway to find solutions. KSRolph (talk) 15:17, 6 June 2012 (UTC)

KSRolph (talk)15:17, 6 June 2012

Great to hear of your efforts. If there are any internationalisation impediments, please let us know on Support.

Siebrand10:13, 29 June 2012