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Thanks for the information. If I understand corretly, I may create a new page ending in '/lg' in order to localise a template?

Have you any suggestions for the Globe logo, or does this follow the same principle?


Kizito11:36, 17 September 2010

What is Globe logo? Can You give example? Yes, You may create a new page ending in '/lg' in order to localize a template. But, main template, in this case/example Template:ProcessNavigation, must support localization/displaying language sub-pages. Also You may ask on page Support.

Тест23:06, 22 September 2010

The Globe logo is that ball thingy with all the letters in it that appears at the top left hand corner on Wikipedia.

OK, I will also ask on Support, thanks.

Kizito17:41, 27 September 2010