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Hello Nemo, I still have a question :)

In Kurdish language, we need to know if the last letter of a word is a consonant or vowel for the conjugate or to add a suffix. For example, here for conjugation, if the last letter is a consonant we must add "e" if it is a vowel we add "y". In our example we put the "y" in brackets to indicate that it depends on the last letter of the word.

It is the same thing when we add a suffix: Adding "y" if the last letter is a vowel but with a particularity for the vowel "î" (in the contact of "y" the "î" loses the circumflex accent, I also speak here)

On ku.wikipedia we use these two templates inside the other templates: [1] and [2]. Is there a way to do this? I saw this... Thanks

Ghybu (talk)00:55, 22 January 2017