Problem of Scripts

Problem of Scripts

Hello Robin,

I would like to ask you a question. I'm a translator for the Judaeo-Spanish (Ladino) language and an administrator of the Ladino Wikipedia. The thing is Ladino is language of many scripts. Today approximately 70% of its speakers use the Hebrew script, 24% use the Latin script and 6% of its speakers use different scripts (mainly Arabic, Greek and Cyrillic scripts). However throughout its history, since the 13th century until the 1950s, the Rashi script has been used both in daily life and in literature. Today the authoritative institutes of Ladino, teaches the language both in Latin, Rashi and Hebrew scripts.

The Ladino Wikipedia currently uses two scripts, Latin and Hebrew (though most of the articles are written with Latin script). Is it possible to separate these two scripts, like in the Serbian Wikipedia? And I assume, most probably for doing that the separation of MediaWiki Messages is necessary, like the Serbian ones. I checked the translate page of in here of Serbian, it gave the code "sr" for serbian but was disabled and gave the code "sr-ec" for "Cyrillic-ekavian" and "sr-el" for "Latin-ekavian". So can we it similar for Ladino? Can the localisations be bifurcated? If so, can we add a third script, the original script of Ladino, "Rashi"?

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Universal Life17:43, 30 January 2010