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I'm a newbie, but the French sidebar is somehow incomprehensible "changements sur ce site" instead of "modifications récentes" (recent changes), wtf? Is there anyway I can revamp that sidebar to make it more attractive for one, and accurate for two? ;)

notafish23:27, 25 April 2011

Because we run a highly specialised implementation of MediaWiki aimed at translation, our sidebar menu looks a bit different from that of your average Wikimedia wiki.

Clicking that link, you're only shown non-translation changes to the site, so "recent changes" is not accurate. The message is here.

Siebrand06:07, 26 April 2011

OK, gotcha. But still. I looked for ever for a list of things to do somewhere. "Translation Tool" = "Traduction des messages" (translations of messages) didn't really speak to me. :/ I'll think about this. Thanks!

notafish06:42, 26 April 2011

It's the first link in the menu, and the main entry page for translators. Feel free to suggest a better description!

Siebrand06:56, 26 April 2011