Translate Roll

This page is outdated and needs updating.

At some point we had live hack on Special:LanguageStats which appeared if less than X % of messages were untranslated and it stated something like "Like Translate extension? Want more work? Try".

This was taken out at some point. We could develop on this idea by making a central list of "nice" sites using Translate and some random selection from that on certain conditions.

Proposals for the message formatting:

  1. Do you like this translation interface? Looking for more or different content to translate? Why not try translating X on Y?
    • open source software in; user manuals on userbase; extension documentation on

Inclusion criteria

  • Translations should be and be related to open source software or free content
  • Everyone should be able to become a translator
  • Should display the roll

Registration process

Please post a request on the talk page including the name and address of your wiki and description of the usual translatable content.

Development work

Store the data in publicly accessible place. PHP code which fetches the data, caches it, and logic for displaying item. Needs i18n support.

2015 update

Something's happening! Watch (site is offline as of 2019)

First steps