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Translate this project | Recent changes | Translation statistics (GitHub) is a free, open and not-for-profit site for reviewing absolutely anything. It is an alternative both to dedicated websites for reviews such as Yelp, Goodreads, and IMDB, and the review components of stores like It aims to provide more than just reviews -- with the goal to ultimately interface directly with Wikidata, OpenStreetMap, and other free culture projects for metadata.

Here's a short screencast of the project as of August 2016. Keep up with development through our development diary.

As this point, is in early development, but you can already write reviews and create and join review teams. Please follow the instructions on the website to get a registration code, and join our community mailing list. You can also find us in the #libreviews channel on

Language support is one of the many ways in which we can make a difference relative to existing proprietary offerings. Thank you for any and all help you can provide to make it available in more languages! :-)

Content pages

In addition to the main project messages, the following content pages are translated via TWN: