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This page lists quality problems from translations detected by script. Translators are encouraged to fix these problems (a small amount of them may be false). See also Group statistics.

You can go directly to the problem list of English, if any.

Explanation of checks:

These messages do not exist or are on the ignore list. They should be removed.
These messages are the same as their English source messages. This is just for information, and normally nothing should be done.
These messages are not using all the variables that the English original does. Compare your translation to English.
These messages are empty or contain a dash. This kind of translations should not exist. The translations should be removed.
For these messages the plural is not implemented in the message for the language.
These messages contain trailing whitespace, which confuses the message updater. Remove trailing whitespace.
These messages contain common invalid xhtml. This check does not do full xhtml validation. Check for mistyped or missing opening or closing tag pairs.
These messages contain invisible characters that should not be needed or should be html entities (such as  )
These messages contain direct links to the project namespace. Direct links to it should not be used. Compare your translation to English, or remove the link.
These messages have unequal counts of []s and {}s. Check, that there is a correct number of them and they are properly balanced.