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NFC ring
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NFC Ring Control (homepage) is an open source Android/BlackBerry/Firefox OS/Windows Mobile/Tablet app for interacting with NFC tags, specifically the NFC Ring.

It is possible to translate NFC Ring Control on; point of contact is User:Johnyma22.

Translation notes

Throughout the documentation you will see some application specific terms, we will describe them here:

  • NFC: Near field communication
  • Sweet Spot: The sweet spot is the place on your target device (IE Phone/tablet) where the ring is read most easily. Often this is right over the NFC antennae.
  • Sweet spot sticker: A sticker you place on the sweet spot of your target device.
  • Ring: The NFC Ring
  • Actions: Something you tell your ring to do, an action may be to program a link to your facebook profile or a twitter profile.

Further questions are answered in the FAQ


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