Fri Dec 2 22:42:02 UTC 2011 Unknown group: out-openlayers --help : this help message --groups LIST: comma separated list of groups --skiplanguages LIST: comma separated list of skipped languages --skipzero : skip languages that do not have any localisation at all --fuzzy : add column for fuzzy counts --output TYPE: select an another output engine * 'csv'  : Comma Separated Values. * 'wiki'  : MediaWiki syntax. * 'text'  : Text with tabs. --most : [SCOPE]: report on the 50 most spoken languages. Skipzero is ignored. If a valid scope is defined, the group list and fuzzy are ignored and the localisation levels are weighted and reported. * mediawiki: core-0-mostused (30%) core (30%) ext-0-wikimedia (20%) ext-0-all (20%) * wikimedia: core-0-mostused (40%) core (30%) ext-0-wikimedia (30%) --speakers : add column for number of speakers (est.). Only valid when combined with --most. --nol10n : do not add localised language name if I18ntags is installed. --continent : add a continent column. Only available when output is 'wiki' or not specified. --summary : add a summary with counts and scores per continent category and totals. Only available for a valid 'most' value. --legenddetail : Page name for legend to be transcluded at the top of the details table --legendsummary : Page name for legend to be transcluded at the top of the summary table --wmfscore : Only output WMF language code and weighted score for all language codes for weighing group 'wikimedia' in CSV. This report must keep a stable layout as it is used/will be used in the Wikimedia statistics.