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a Pywikibot
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Pywikibot is a collection of tools made to fit the maintenance need on Wikipedia, but it can also be used on other MediaWiki sites.

It is possible to translate Pywikibot on Valhallasw coordinates the localisation of pywikibot and is the point of contact for all i18n issues; Siebrand takes care of the exports (localisation updates).



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Open support requests

PywikibotSupport/About Pywikibot:Pagefromfile-msg bottom/kk-cyrl
PywikibotSupport/About Pywikibot:Remove edp images-edit-summary/ksh
PywikibotSupport/About Pywikibot:Revertbot-revert/ksh (2)
PywikibotSupport/About Pywikibot:Revertbot-revert/ksh (4)
PywikibotSupport/PLURAL support for some Pywikibot messages


Not all bots have been changed to make use of for translations. At this page we keep track of the conversion progress.