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My name is Altin Ukshini I’m 16 years old now and I’m a Free/libre Open source software (GNU/LINUX) enthusiast.

I’ve been working hard last 2 years for promoting, developing and translating the Free Software. Basically in general promoting FLOSS in my country Kosovo.

   * I’m also a member of FLOSSK, where I’m contributing with my friends as volunteers, 
     spreading the word of Free software and help people get used to it…
   * I was part of organizing SFK10 (Software Freedom Kosova 10) conference.
   * I also helped on making a lot of Release parties for new releases of GNU/Linux distributions 
     and took the chance to make presentations to people who were present…(we’re continuing to do this)
   * Contributing on OpenStreetMap project in Kosovo.
     I’d like to mention, the main project I worked on was… 
     where we traced and uploaded all polling stations of 2010 elections here in Kosovo.
   * Translated software in Albanian Language (Lately I’m translating Chromium – web browser) the open source browser.
   * I am also looking forward to become a FedoraProject Ambassador.
   * A fellow of FSFE ( Free Software Foundation Europe )
   * Mozilla Balkans community Member
   * and GNU project sporter .
   * Contributor of Wikipedia .
   * Student of P2PU Webcraft Schools on *Learn Python the hard way and *Online Maps with Open Layers classes
   * I have good skills in Graphic Design and,
   * I’m also involved in programming world, I’m actually being better everyday.. by learning:
         o Python
         o PHP
         o and working on Google App Inventor, programming and designing android phone applications…
   * And forgot to mention, I’m a Student in Electro Technical  Lyceum “Don Bosko” in Prishtina.
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