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About Me

My name is Chris, and I work at wikiHow assisting with a wide array of tasks to help support our community and the goal of creating a comprehensive how-to manual to share freely with the world. You can find more about me and my work on wikiHow by following this link to my user page there.

One of my responsibilities at wikiHow is to support efforts to extend wikiHow into languages other than English. As a result, I have some experience with, and a keen interest in, improving the MediaWiki localization process. Because we work with a heavily customized version of MediaWiki, our editors must do a great deal of the localization process themselves each time we start wikiHow in a new language. I'm happy to share the translations produced by wikiHow's editors with the Betawiki community.


The following are languages for which wikiHow editors have worked on the localization process. Localization has been completed to various degrees, depending upon the community. I will be happy to add any needed translations from any of our projects. We have active wikis in several languages (AR, EN, ES, DE, FR, NL, PT) and are working to build several others (HE, IT, PL, UR). From viewing the Betawiki translation statistics, it seems that our Urdu translations may be the most valuable.