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This page is mostly a copy-paste from Launchpad so I'll just add that my languages are Finnish and English.


What should I write? I honestly don't know. To start from something, I was born in november 1982 in Turku, Finland (it's the country where Nokia comes from, in case someone doesn't know). My first real (after school) job was to drive a lorry, but now I've been working in restaurant business (as a waiter and a bartender) for more than 2,5 years.

I got my first computer in 1994, it was an AST Advantage with a 100Mhz Pentium processor, 1,2GB of hard disk space and a Windows 95, but I mostly used MSDos at those days. Today I've got two computers: an ancient desktop with an AMD Duron 1000Mhz processor and a brand new laptop with an AMD Turion 64x2 (or something). In both of them I have installed a Windows XP Professional but that's only for gaming. Primary OS on both of them is Ubuntu with both Gnome and KDE, 64-bit Feisty Fawn on the laptop, and 32-bit Gutsy Gibbon on the desktop. I have been a member of the ubuntu-finnish-translators team from may 2007 and since then I've made some translations in Rosetta, mostly in the help category. I have also made two translations outside Launchpad: ISOMaster and Asunder. Both small programs with less than 200 lines to translate. You can find more info on them from ISOMaster-homepage and Asunder-homepage

I think that's the most of it. Who ever reads this can always ask me if there's something needed to know. And sorry for my bad english.