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cs-N Tento uživatel je rodilý mluvčí češtiny.
en-N This user has a native understanding of English.
sk-N Tento užívateľ má slovenčinu ako materinský jazyk.
rue-0 Сесь хосновач не говорить русинськым языком (ци тяжко го розуміє).
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Dear Readers, I´m here to little help with some part of European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. Especially in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. It could also help to Serbian, Croatian and Romanian language groups of Rusyns. Thank you very much to all native rusyn speakers, who wanna help on rusyn Wikipedia creating. We are only in Wikipedia Incubator, please rusyn speakers for language support at Rusyn Wikipedia Incubator.

You´ve done great job so far.