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Habatchii Says:

Wobba Wobba, Muhha!!!

Welcome to the Habatchii-Trans, the source for wiki translations by Habatchii...

About: Habatchii-Trans

I would like to introduce you to the Habatchii-Trans homepage at TransWiki and its basic functions as a localization tool for translating.

Technical Language Classes (TLC)

Currently, we are helping in two major TLC classes, Habatchii@Indonesian_tlc and Habatchii@Hawaiian_tlc. In the near future, Habatchii-Trans is planning to upgrade TLC class load units to 5 classes and then 7 classes, with emphasis on South East Asian translations.

To help you, the user decide on what information you will be needing, Habatchii-Trans has made this small table for guiding your inquiry. Below is a brief overview of the country code top level domains (ccTLD) in which Habatchii-Trans will be working with in the future. (see also; |CcTLD at Wikipedia)


Active:  .ac  .ad  .ae  .af  .ag  .ai  .al  .am  .an  .ao  .aq  .ar  .as  .at  .au  .aw  .ax  .az  .ba  .bb  .bd  .be  .bf  .bg  .bh  .bi  .bj  .bm  .bn  .bo  .br  .bs  .bt  .bw  .by  .bz  .ca  .cc  .cd  .cf  .cg  .ch  .ci  .ck  .cl  .cm  .cn  .co  .cr  .cu  .cv  .cx  .cy  .cz  .de  .dj  .dk  .dm  .do  .dz  .ec  .ee  .eg  .er  .es  .et  .eu  .fi  .fj  .fk  .fm  .fo  .fr  .ga  .gd  .ge  .gf  .gg  .gh  .gi  .gl  .gm  .gn  .gp  .gq  .gr  .gs  .gt  .gu  .gw  .gy  .hk  .hm  .hn  .hr  .ht  .hu  .id  .ie  .il  .im  .in  .io  .iq  .ir  .is  .it  .je  .jm  .jo  .jp  .ke  .kg  .kh  .ki  .km  .kn  .kp  .kr  .kw  .ky  .kz  .la  .lb  .lc  .li  .lk  .lr  .ls  .lt  .lu  .lv  .ly  .ma  .mc  .md  .me  .mg  .mh  .mk  .ml  .mm  .mn  .mo  .mp  .mq  .mr  .ms  .mt  .mu  .mv  .mw  .mx  .my  .mz  .na  .nc  .ne  .nf  .ng  .ni  .nl  .no  .np  .nr  .nu  .nz  .om  .pa  .pe  .pf  .pg  .ph  .pk  .pl  .pn  .pr  .ps  .pt  .pw  .py  .qa  .re  .ro  .rs  .ru  .rw  .sa  .sb  .sc  .sd  .se  .sg  .sh  .si  .sk  .sl  .sm  .sn  .sr  .st  .su  .sv  .sy  .sz  .tc  .td  .tf  .tg  .th  .tj  .tk  .tl  .tm  .tn  .to  .tr  .tt  .tv  .tw  .tz  .ua  .ug  .uk  .us  .uy  .uz  .va  .vc  .ve  .vg  .vi  .vn  .vu  .wf  .ws  .ye  .za  .zm  .zw

Reserved/unassigned:  .um  .bl  .eh  .mf       Allocated/unused:  .bv  .gb  .pm  .sj  .so  .yt       Phaseout:  .tp  .yu       Deleted/retired:  .cs  .dd .zr </div>

API & Article Implementation

Launching new translation projects generally takes planning. Both the MediaWiki API interface and article platforms will be designated the following implementation code in order to help expidite the translation process:

  • API-1 (Application Programming Interface)
  • API-2 (Article Platform Implementation)

Each project is considered separate from each other project unless stated.

Planning & Completion

Both project platforms are inventoried in the exact fashion, each new translation project when originally opened is known as a case; each case is issued a case number or ticket. The ticket consists of the current or opening date in the following format (010101) and the user ID number.

  • exp: if today's date was March 2nd, 2001 and your user ID was 9999, you would be issued case number 030201-9999.
  1. Bed Count- the number of project cases or tickets on queue or standby.
  2. Cab Count- the number of open cases in progress or on the bench.
  3. Homepage Count- the number of cases determined closed or completed (general posted here or on an affiliate homepage).

The homepage count directory consists of data called batches, which contains the finished project in its most usable format. Note: other users and staff may also use these batches once they are posted.

Batches generally are differentiated by the following paths (foobar@languagebatch_tlc). Foobar is wikicode for any user's username; @ represents the adjoining locality, languagebatch is the language in which the finished batch has been generated from or to and the suffix tlc represents the technical language class designator.

  • exp: Habatchii@Indonesian_tlc

Language Translation Requests

Translation request may be filed here below. Simply leave a (#) in front of the description of the project; semi-colon and sign. A response will be delivered shortly.



  1. Thai System Messages Trans; Habatchii 11:16, 3 May 2009 (UTC)